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Another Freakin Cat Post…..

About five weeks ago, it was brought to my attention that our sweet kitten – Bella – had been visiting one of our neighbours and using their ridiculously huge sandpit as a litter box.  Said neighbour came a door knocking to ask if I had a little black cat with a blue tag (council tag)?  Ummm, yes, I said.  He proceeded to tell me that he had trapped her in his back yard and I should come and get her. WTF? I walked … Continue Reading »

Competition Shmompetition

I’m not a competitive human being.  At all.  I’ve always sort of known it, but have now confirmed it by my laziness.  I see so many fabulous competitions through Facebook and in Blogger world, but am just too bloody lazy to enter.  I also figure why waste my time when I know I’m not going to win, yes?  Hell, I don’t even buy Lotto tickets! I’ve also never been a competitive Mother.  In the almost fourteen years I have been a Mum, I … Continue Reading »

Smart Chart

After what I would call GIVING UP on Monday, it seems my brainy husband put some thought to the situation we had found ourselves in – again. Last year, our youngest son, Cadyn, went through a pretty hideous time.  He hit a wall at school, which then reverberated through our home, as he hit not only walls but anything else he could possibly cry at, throw himself on the ground at or yell at.  It was a living hell.  We ended up getting … Continue Reading »

With freedom comes responsibility…sort of

The freedom that comes with your children wanting to walk home from school by themselves is rather liberating.  There’s an extra 30 minutes in my day that I do not have to spend in and out of the car.  I don’t have to stop what I’m doing, run around like mad looking for Chloe’s shoes and making sure doors are locked and everything’s turned off.  I don’t have to grab my purse and phone and keys and run through all sorts of inclement … Continue Reading »

Random Rambling…

Today, I was going to come and write a post about others cynicism towards all things good.  Then I changed my mind and thought I would write about something else.  Then I started writing…..  My annoyance rose from a very innocent flippant comment, I’m sure, the other day regarding the Kony 2012 campaign.  Said person questioned its success, and pretty much judged it a flop.  I was a little disappointed.  Sometimes I think people question the validity of social consciousness basically because their conscience … Continue Reading »


Eden has me thinking again – she wants WORDS….. When I first read Eden’s post this morning, the first word that came to me was CYNICAL.  Strange?  Well, back in 1990, my amazing English Literature teacher – Mrs Proctor – told me I was CYNICAL.  I was 15.  I can’t even remember the context it was used in, but I do remember laughing it off….and then looking it up in the dictionary! It also means one is sarcastic and mocking.  I’m guessing that … Continue Reading »