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Changing of The Guard – Sans Uterus

I don’t know how many times I have said it, but I’ll say it again – I’m so glad I do not have a uterus anymore.  I usually utter this sentence upon seeing a divine little newborn human being, as I did yesterday whilst at the local shopping centre.  Andrew was sitting next to me in the hairdressers, whilst we were wrangling the four kids and trying our hardest to keep our shit together whilst one niggled at another, and the four year … Continue Reading »

What Water Restrictions?

 Since I can remember, well at least since my second child was born nine years ago, Melbourne has lived through each and every Summer (and most of the year actually) with water restrictions.  There was only watering your gardens on alternate days, washing your car with a bucket of water – no hose, and most unfortunately – no sprinklers allowed! We have had a bumper year of rain in 2012, which has led to 81% water storage levels!  Which in turn leads to … Continue Reading »

With freedom comes responsibility…sort of

The freedom that comes with your children wanting to walk home from school by themselves is rather liberating.  There’s an extra 30 minutes in my day that I do not have to spend in and out of the car.  I don’t have to stop what I’m doing, run around like mad looking for Chloe’s shoes and making sure doors are locked and everything’s turned off.  I don’t have to grab my purse and phone and keys and run through all sorts of inclement … Continue Reading »