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Heather Bailey Charm-Along WINNERS!

WOW!  What a brilliant array of entries in the Heather Bailey Charm-Along!  I don’t think I will ever stop being amazed by how different a set of 112 charm squares can look in different quilting designs.  The appeal for a pre-cut has never been so great! As much as I would LOVE to award everyone with a prize, there has to be some winners – so let’s get down to it….. The $40 gift certificate to Tea Tree Fabrics goes to: Marcia Gaffney … Continue Reading »

The Heather Bailey Charm-Along Linky Is Now Open!

It’s been a whole month since we started the Heather Bailey Charm-Along, and now it’s time to pull yourself together and link up to be in the running for some fantastic prizes!  I know, I know – you think you’re running out of time?  You’re not going to finish in time?  Your dog ate your homework quilt?  Nope.  Get your charm squares all sorted and link on up!  Here’s a reminder for what you’re playing for….. 1/2m Bundle of Bella Solids from The … Continue Reading »

Kiss-Cross Quilt – Heather Bailey Charm-Along

Hosting a number of designer #aussiecharmswap rounds per year means I also get to host Charm-alongs!  Which inevitably ends with me wracking my brain for new ideas to use 5″ squares.  When the Heather Bailey swap had ended, my brain started processing the colours, and I tried to think of something a little different.  It was then I had the “bright” idea to chop up each 5″ square, insert some grey shot cotton, and sew them all back together again – giving me … Continue Reading »

W.I.P. Wednesday – Charm Along Progress

I have had a few days free this week, and had all these grand plans for getting two quilt tops finished!  But well laid plans and all…….  One quilt top is well on its way, even if I did have to unpick a whole row and re-jig my layout a bit. This is my Heather Bailey Charm Along quilt! I’m calling it “Kiss-Cross”.  It started with a really simple thought – to turn each charm in to a kiss or a cross.  But … Continue Reading »

The Heather Bailey Charm-Along

Now you have all received (or soon will!) your Heather Bailey charm squares, it’s time to do something with them!  These 112 divine 5″ squares are going to turn heads.  And I think they will push people to think outside the box, in terms of quilt design!  They are certainly more floral and “girly” than anything I have worked with before, so I’m looking forward to seeing what we can all come up with! As usual, you have the whole world of ideas … Continue Reading »

Heather Bailey Aussie Charm Swap – Open for Sign Ups!

The sign ups are now officially open for the Heather Bailey Aussie Charm Swap! Heather Bailey has some stunning fabrics and I think 112 of her fabrics mixed together will be quite simply – amazing! Here are the details: 1) FIRST IN, BEST DRESSED! This swap will be open to 56 participants, me being one of those! You HAVE to email me to obtain a spot. Your spot is not confirmed until you have received a return email from me! All of Heather’s QUILTING COTTON fabric … Continue Reading »