Farmer’s Wife – Melbourne Sit and Sew Day!


At my last Melbourne MQG get together, I managed to get a couple of the girls to commit to the Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sew Along – basically by bribing them!  I promised I would organise a few sit and sew days over the course of the year, and they jumped right off that fence in to the deep end!

This week I have gone in to over-drive trying to find the perfect space for participants, thinking that my place of choice was booked out for the remainder of this year.  As fate would have it, they had an opening in October – so I went right ahead and snapped it up!  So – If you are in Melbourne, or regional Melbourne, and would like to meet up with fellow participants in the sew along, here are the details:

Saturday 31st of October – 9am to 4pm 

GJ’s Discount Fabrics – 31 Steane St, Fairfield

There will be enough space for up to 30 people.  Ideally, only 25 machine sewists, along with some hand sewing spots!  It’s a great location, with great facilities.  To find all the details and book a spot, please head over HERE:  FWSIT&SEWDAY.   TICKETS GO ON SALE MONDAY 14TH OF SEPTEMBER AT 8AM.   The ticket price of $15 includes the fee charged by GJ’s, payment processing fees and whatever is left over will be used to provide tea, coffee and nibblies on the day.

I have also taken the liberty of booking in dates for February and May 2016 and will let you know those details closer to the dates!

Hope to see you there!


4 Responses to Farmer’s Wife – Melbourne Sit and Sew Day!

  1. Susie says:

    Gosh hope my hubby is in town so I can go. Need to wait till he wakes up to ask! Great idea. Thanks for organising.

  2. Anja says:

    Sure am going to have the tin lids ready for school ( and daughter going on yr 6 camp) early to ensure I snag a possie for this very exciting event.
    Thank you Ms Midge
    #yourock #canthidemyexcitement

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