FW 1930’s Sew Along – First Month Done!

It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve caught up on my Farmer’s Wife project, but I decided I would just update you monthly from here on out.  This is going to one epic quilting journey, one which I am whole-heartedly throwing myself in to – but I am acutely aware that with thousands of participants all over the world, some of you may be going through #farmerswifeoverload.  So, with that said – here’s my first month block run-down!  If you didn’t see my first five blocks, you will find them HERE.

And now, here’s the rest of the month’s blocks!


Belle – which you will find my tutorial for HERE.

FW Coral

Coral – the first block I mucked around with the traditional fabric layout.  I made this before I actually realised there WAS a traditional fabric layout! Ha!  But I love it so much I’m keeping it in the club!

FW Old Maid

Old Maid – I don’t use red fabric in quilts EVER.  So this was a big step for me.  I absolutely adore it – especially with the navy blues.

FW Katherine

Katherine – Oh mannnn.  Kitty cats have never looked so cute to me!  This took some fussy cutting skill I tell you!

FW Susannah

Susannah – Could be my favourite block so far.  In fact, yes, it is!  Bunnies.  And moons.  Sigh.

FW granny

Granny – Another I made before the “traditional fabric placement memo” struck me!  And another I won’t be re-making 😉

All of the blocks above have been paper pieced.  It is definitely my method of choice so far, and I will probably do the same with the majority of the 99 blocks in the quilt.  Don’t get me wrong – I’ll try some new techniques along the way – but I figure why change something that’s working?

And just for fun – here’s my first month’s block all together!


I’m so utterly pleased with my fabric choice right now.  Of the thousands of fabric choices on the world wide sew along – I love mine the best! Lucky huh? 😉

6 Responses to FW 1930’s Sew Along – First Month Done!

  1. Maja says:

    All these blocks are real beauties. I agree, your fabric choice is fantastic!

  2. These are looking so good together!! Have you decided what fabric/colour you’ll use for the setting??

  3. Emily says:

    #41 granny!! Love this one!! that would make a great quilt – with lots of this block!!!

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