1930’s Farmer’s Wife Sew Along – Month 3!

Three months.  26 blocks.  And now – a rest!  To be perfectly honest – I’m super excited that I’ve kept up!  Each time I pull out a pattern to make, I find myself umming and ahhing over which fabrics to use, and I can say I am yet to be disappointed with a block!  I’m using colours I wouldn’t normally, and pairing them together in some interesting combinations!  Here are my blocks from Month Three….

fw ava

These apples had been screaming out to be used, and the square pieces in this block were just the perfect size!

fw daffodil

I kept pretty traditional in terms of colours for this block.  I wanted to actually look like a daffodil!

fw malvina

I was rather dubious about this mossy green colour, but really love it used with the navy blue!

fw Cat

LOVE this block!  Nothing else to say here…..

fw priscilla

I looked at the pieces for this block and admittedly cocked my head wondering how it was going to work!  But I approached it a little like a Y seam, in that I sewed from the edge through to the first intersection, put my needle down, then adjusted the fabrics to join again, and sewed the centre part.  Popped my needle down again and re-adjusted, then kept sewing.  It worked a treat!

fw autumn

Love this block too!  Pink and navy together, with those cute little crosses.  Perfect!


And here are my 26 blocks all turning up for roll call!  I’m so in love with this quilt, and I’m still yet to work out how I’m going to sash and lay it out.  But I just don’t care right now!  I’ve surprised myself with a relatively good balance of colours, and it’s great to put them all in a collage like this so I can get some direction on which colours need more appreciation!

So, that’s it for FW in 2015!  I’m looking forward to getting more blocks done over the holidays, when we get month 4 blocks released!  And just because I’m feeling organised, I’ve set up the ticketing for the second Farmer’s Wife Sit and Sew Day here in Melbourne!  If you’d like to come along and sew with fellow FW participants, this is the perfect opportunity!


You can get your ticket HERE.

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