For Fraser

Exactly two weeks and two days ago, I took a chance and asked my quilty #aussiecharmswap friends if they could help me out.  You see, I needed to make a quilt  with a quick turnaround, and was flying out for a week’s holiday the following day.  So whilst lying awake in bed the night before, I thought it was worth a try……

My best friend’s (Jodie) Dad has been going through a pretty impressive battle with cancer, and he’s given it everything he’s got. Unfortunately this bloody disease didn’t recognise Fraser’s tenacity and has dealt him a really shitty hand….

I asked my friends if they would be willing and able to send me a simple 12″ nine patch block, using blues, greys and blacks.  They would have to get it made and sent pretty quickly, so I was stunned when so many of them put their hand up to help.  And in true quilty spirit, they kept their word.  I’m not speechless very often, but when I returned home from holidays a week later, I was greeted with a whole lot of parcels of love, which ended up supplying me with 26 amazing blocks!


I was so thrilled and humbled and yep – speechless.  I’d already made three blocks, so just had to whip up one more for a 6 x 5 block layout!  Amongst the back to school shenanigans, Australia Day holiday and recovering from a week of theme parks, I managed to get the quilt top sewn together, and yesterday was able to quilt and bind it.  The end result is a stunning display of masculine colour, with each and every block shining.


I really am lost for words.  I can’t even think of how to thank the lovely ladies involved.  But I’ll start by sharing their names with you…..

THANK YOU – Simone, Helen, Erin, Kylie, Tel, Alys, Lynne, Kat, Kristi, Debra Ellen, Carolyn, Cam, Andrea, Lee, Isabel, Margie, Trina, Emma, Leanne and Alison.  Your generosity is SO greatly appreciated!  Also, a big thank you to the other members of my FB group, who were super supportive!


Here are some of the gorgeous prints in the blocks supplied.  Who knew there were so many perfect hues of blues, greys and blacks?


I quilted the 60″ x 72″ finished quilt top using a variegated black, grey and white 40 weight Aurifil thread – #4652.  It was literally a perfect choice.  I also embroidered the names of Fraser’s six grand kids throughout….


When it came to backing fabric, I was going to use my trusty Ikea numbers, but it wasn’t wide enough.  Thankfully I am a fabric hoarder, and found a few metres of a super wide striped flannelette on one of my shelves, which ended up being perfect.  It will be super snuggly too.


And talking about perfection – I think some prints are literally made for the perfect binding.  Another hoarding find, half a metre of Art Gallery Minimalista triangles.  Winning.

I have literally just returned from delivering this community made quilt to Fraser and his wife Judy.  And as I said to Judy, and also Fraser’s two lovely siblings who have been able to make the trip from Scotland this week,  I don’t feel like I can offer much – but I hope it will provide some comfort, warmth and the creation of snuggly memories for them both – together and also with their kids and grand kids.

And after leaving it with them, all I have to say is this:

Don’t ever underestimate the power of a quilt.

Sending a big hug to all of you who are going through difficult times at present, and to those who are there to support them xxx

24 Responses to For Fraser

  1. You are very welcome and VERY glad it will provide some comfort to all it touches <3

  2. Lisa Lisa says:

    Beautiful story. Beautiful quilt.

  3. Jodie says:

    To Midge,

    I am stand here in my kitchen literally crying after reading your beautiful blog about my Dad, who as you said has been dealt the worst hand of all time. Dad has been fighting this horrible disease for a little while now and it will unfortunately beat him, but not without a fight. On behalf of my family, firstly thank you to Midge who put this together in such a short amount of time, you are amazing and I am so lucky to have you on my side. Also a massive thank you to all those amazing people who dropped everything and helped create this beautiful masterpiece. Dad was truly surprised and humbled that people he didn’t even know would make this for him. This will certainly keep him warm and comfortable in his last months. Thank you again everyone, you have no idea what this means. 💕 you Midge xxxx

  4. Margie says:

    Just have to say I love our quilting community! Great job – beautiful quilt made with love !

  5. Alison Hingston says:

    Melissa, I feel so emotional reading the comments especially the note from Jodie. I am certain the love that is in every stitch of this quilt will be felt by Fraser and his family during this terrible time.

  6. Benta says:

    Quilters are such lovely people! You and all your helpers!

  7. Isabel says:

    I love your touch of adding in the grandkids names! Great job Melissa (:

  8. Erin says:

    Oh Jodie, much love to you and your loved ones at such a difficult time, I am so glad we could help Midge let you know just how much she loves you, and your family, and wants to be there for you. Never underestimate the power of a quilt. – Erin xx

  9. The power of love and kindness wrapped up in a perfect quilt … well done ladies xx

  10. FVITH says:

    This made me tear up. It’s amazing how well all of the blocks go together, it turned out beautifully.

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