Cushion Cover Marathon 2016

Cushions, by far, are the quickest and easiest gift for that someone special, and each year, I tend to make thousands of them!  Ok, maybe 20?  There’s a special tag for these posts here on my blog – cushion cover marathon – so here are the first two cushions for 2016!


 This first one was a special order from a dear friend of mine.  Living in Japan, her eldest son is finishing at Kindergarten/Day Care, and has had the same wonderful teacher for five years!  She wanted a special gift that represented the floral names of all five year levels he’d been in, as well as the name of the school!  So we have Tulips, Dandelions, Roses, Lillies and Sunflower (I stitched my own, because there’s a huge lack of nice sunflower fabric!), and the Cherry Blossom’s for the school name.  I used some improv piecing to pull it all together, with all my favourite low Volume prints.  And I love how it’s turned out!


Suzie provided me with some words in Japanese to embroider.  I was freaking out about this part, because the english language generally has a good flow to it when you’re free motion quilting on to something, but Japanese is pretty cut and dry 😉  Above says: Mera Sensei (teacher’s name).


And this says: Arigatou (Thank You).  As usual, I printed out the words and then traced over them before FMQ’ing them with a co-ordinating Aurifil 40wt thread.  I was pretty damn happy with the end result!  I really hope Sensei loves it!


The second cushion is a little first birthday gift for our neighbour, who unfortunately just moved away to the country!  Cooper’s a spunky little man, and I hope he gets some good use from his cushion!

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    Clever girl👍🏻

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