A 9 Patch Mash Up!

Yesterday after work, I got cracking on a cushion cover that is being gifted to a good friend of mine.  She’s a shabby chic kind of gal, and has ordered quite a few dresses for her nieces from me, so I knew that she loved the Flora range of fabrics.  I whipped out the range and chose nine prints.  I had planned to make a disappearing nine patch, (You can see my first attempts at these HERE) but not long in to sewing, felt the need to change it up.  So this is how I put together a “9 Patch Mash Up”!
9 Patch Mash up 
I went about the usual directions for a 9 patch – in this case, I used 6.5″ squares, joined them together to make the 9 patch, and cut them through the middle to make the disappearing 9 patch….
9 Patch Mash up 
After playing around with the layout for too long, I started wondering if I could change it up.
9 Patch Mash up 
Having no idea what I was doing, I lined up my ruler on the diagonal and sliced straight through.
9 Patch Mash up 
And then had a slight panic attack, wondering if I’d stuffed it up?!  Either way, I continued to slice and dice.
9 Patch Mash up 
Until I was left with all of these lovely big triangles of patchwork.
9 Patch Mash up 
And so began working out the layout I liked.  I really love that there are so many different shapes in the blocks now.  The layout above is like a big old arrow.
9 Patch Mash up 
Another layout.
9 Patch Mash up 
And the layout I eventually went with.  From here, I literally just joined the triangles together diagonally, which gave me four square blocks.  I did bring my seam allowance in a couple of notches, so just under 1/4″.  Join the four blocks together and Voila!  I had me a cushion cover!
9 Patch Mash up 
I was tempted to continue slicing and dicing, but I was on a deadline. You can see in the photo above, that if you just kept splitting the blocks, you would end up with an even more patchy look.
9 Patch Mash up Cushion 
The end result.  A gorgeous 18″ quilted cushion cover.  I had fun free motion quilting the front of it, using a range of little designs.  I followed the pattern on the pale green print with the circles, did some rainbow arches on the yellow and lots of squiggles everywhere else.
9 Patch Mash up Cushion 
I love that it’s a little “organic” in its layout and quilting!
9 Patch Mash up Cushion
And a nice simple enclosed zipper back, with a rusty lattice binding.  I am hoping the recipient loves it!

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8 Responses to A 9 Patch Mash Up!

  1. Wonderful pattern layout and your free-motion quilting is fabulous!! Stopping from Better off Thread.

  2. What a fun pillow! I love your “mash-up” and your free motion quilting designs are just gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful, and great free motion quilting, absolutely love it!

  4. Caroline says:

    This is a great idea – love your fabric choices!

  5. Kelly Young says:

    wow!! I love all of the different ways you can layout this pattern! she is bound to love this pillow!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  6. That is one gorgeous, free wheeling pillow you designed on a whim! The design, the cheery colours and the quilting!!!! Wow! I am sew sharing this on my facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SewFreshQuilts. Hope you don’t mind!


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