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Most of the time, I keep a to-do list.  2015’s to-do lists quite often had “Aussie Hero Quilt” scrawled in to a week I thought I’d have time.  Unfortunately, I never found that time, and as I rolled in to 2016, I wanted to make this a priority. I’m super happy to say I managed to do so, and a couple of weeks ago I emailed JM at Aussie Hero Quilts, and asked her to send me the request list.  As I looked through all the requests (there are a LOT of them!), there were a couple that jumped out at me – both for Hawthorn Hawks quilts!  I emailed JM straight back and told her to sign me up for one of them.  Given the send out date was only a month away, I took my enthusiasm and worked with it……


And just over a week later, I had this to show!  Oh my god, I’m so happy with it!  I started questioning my sanity (as did my friends on Instagram) choosing to work with brown AND gold, but I persevered, and I can honestly say – I think I managed to make brown look good!  I also put my October #aussieaurifilclub thread bundle to use, using the variegated #6728 to quilt diagonally.


I tried hard to work from my stash, but truly, my brown stash was SO severely lacking that I made a trip to my local quilt store for a couple of prints, including the Pearl Bracelets.  The quilt blocks are super simple to put together, and reminded me of the shape of a football, so was perfect for this quilt!  My lovely friend Alyce helped me out with the quilt math – because I needed 7.5″ blocks, to make the perfect 42″ x 70″ quilt.  I also used my favourite paper pieced letters – Quiet Play’s Just My Type pattern – to spell out HAWKS!


There’s plenty of Hawks inspiration around this household, I had no trouble at all for photography props hahaha!


And to round out the request, I whipped up a laundry bag for Mr CB too.  The laundry bags are required to be pretty distinctive, so members can find their own easily amongst all bags!  I picked up this groovy black and white print from Lincraft last week, and am hoping it will stick out enough!


And in breaking news – I printed on to fabric for the first time ever!  I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised when the fabric came out of my printer perfectly!  I may have gasped!  After asking on IG how to set the ink, I soaked it in vinegar for five minutes, rinsed and dried, then pressed.  It worked beautifully.

SO – here’s a challenge……. Next time you’re looking for a new project, or a charity to help out, why not check out Aussie Hero Quilts?  I guarantee you will feel like you’re doing something great, and from all the feedback I have read online, the appreciation from recipients runs deep.  We have SO many defence force members who would dearly love to receive a quilt and/or laundry bag, and I know JM would dearly love your help!  You can find ALL the information here.

6 Responses to A Hawks Quilt – Aussie Hero Quilts

  1. Susan says:

    Good for you Ms Midge! This quilt will delight and comfort the recipient for many years! And the label is the icing on the Hawthorn cake!

  2. Jenny says:

    Yep – you did it – you made brown and gold both look great on an awesome looking quilt!!!! Well done – love Aussie Hero Quilts! haven’t managed a quilt for them yet, but did do some blocks for them last year!

  3. Jenny D says:

    Fantastic quilt for a wonderful cause. I, too, have had the experience of creating a quilt or two for Aussie Hero Quilts. Knowing I am making a difference in the lives of our defence personnel in active duty… Keeps me sewing for AHQ.

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