AMH Charm Along – Toxic

I’ve finally had the chance to take some photos of my beautiful finished AMH Charm Along Quilt – which I have named “Toxic”.


This beauty came about when I pulled out my pencil and graph paper.  I wanted to do something special with these charms, and I had this most amazing cobalt blue solid to pair with them.  Turns out I like working with triangles!


In my drawing, it was a bunch of triangles within triangles, and laid out to form a giant pyramid.  It wasn’t until I had put the whole quilt top together that I realised the secondary pattern reminded me of the symbol for Toxic!


I bundled her up and sent her on a road trip with Angie, and she then dropped it off to Gemma at Pretty Bobbins Quilting in Canberra.  I feel like I’ve known Gemma forever, and it was about time I got her to quilt something for me!  Given my dodgy shoulder, and the time constraints I had for this quilt, it was a perfect remedy!  Gemma took so much time over messaging and emails to discuss what I wanted to do quilting wise.  I wanted something of a “fluid” pattern, to off-set the sharpness of the triangle points.  I think we chose perfectly!  I also wanted the quilting to stand out colour wise, and went with Aurifil #1100  a fabulous hot pink!


The backing was a bit of a fluke.  I’d just cut through some AMH yardage and was thinking how to piece it all together when I remember the wide back Melody Miller I bought in Tokyo!  PERFECTION!


To me, this quilt has been a bit of a blessing really.  I’ve learnt to “let go” a bit.  Sending it off to be quilted was really hard, because I’ve only ever done that twice before, and only because they’ve been too big for me to quilt myself.  So to send my “baby” off to be prettied up was a good lesson in throwing my hands in the air and giving in to the fact that I can’t do everything myself all the time.


The other lesson I learnt, was to slow down.  I chose to actually hand sew the binding on to this quilt.  I know, I know.  The revelations just keep on coming!  You see, I’m going to be incredibly brave and enter this darling in to a quilt show (or two) and just know that my machine binding would perhaps not cut the mustard so to speak.  So I threw it out there to my quilty family on FB and they threw back tonnes of helpful information, leading me to spend many hours over the weekend, sitting watching Downton Abbey, and hand sewing to my heart’s content!  I am incredibly proud of myself, and I’m stunned that I can actually hand sew really neatly and the finish is basically – perfect.  For those of you who haven’t attempted this yet, I found this great tutorial for sewing the mitred corners down HERE.


In the end, Toxic used all 112 AMH charms that I received through the latest #aussiecharmswap.  The finished size of the quilt is 73″ x 50″.  I used Quilters Solids from The Oz Material Girls for the solid background and also the binding, and Melody Miller for the backing.  Aurifil 40wt thread for the quilting, which was edge to edge quilted by Gemma at Pretty Bobbins Quilting.

I promise I will have a pattern written up for this quilt, so you can all make one yourself!  In the meantime, I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else made with their charms!  I will be back later today with the blog post and linky for you to all link up and be in the running for all the fabulous prizes!  See you then!

** Special cudos to my friend for standing in the middle of a road holding a quilt!

13 Responses to AMH Charm Along – Toxic

  1. SuesewsToo says:

    WOW Melissa! How brave of you to send your quilt off, but the result is amazing! Good on you for hand sewing the binding, maybe a lesson to stop every now and then to take the time to do it.

  2. BillieBee says:

    Really nice quilts. I especially like the blue one and the circle quilting.

  3. Anne B says:

    I love it! Wasn’t sure where you were going with ‘toxic’ there for a while…… 🙂

  4. Laurelle C says:

    I love it. Triangles are fun! The background colour look gorgeous . I’m still constructing my back. Can I try and finish as long as I link before the end of the week? If I don’t get it done I will link the finished top 🙂

  5. Gorgeous! I love the matching binding and background! Good for you for giving the hand sewing a go. I really enjoy it.

  6. DeborahGun says:

    It is so beautiful 🙂 And well done for such perfect hand binding!

  7. Michele says:

    Oh I really like it and the choice of solids is just perfect. Congrats on a job well done.

  8. Vicki Levy says:

    Where can I purchase the pattern?

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