#aussieaurifilclub – November’s Neutral Territory

This month’s #aussieaurifilclub is a little delayed!  But it’s a good delay, because our Aussie distributor has been sold and handed over to its new owners – none other than Amitie Textiles!  So Jen and her crew are working hard to get everything running smoothly again, and will be bringing in loads more stock – including the much anticipated 80wt thread!  Watch this space!


But for now, let me introduce you to “Neutral Territory”.  This foursome of softness is perfect for all sewing neutral!


Four shades of yummy packaged perfectly!  They are now in the online store available for purchase!

And to show my thanks for everyone’s patience over the past couple of weeks, take 10% off your orders in the store until Thursday!  Use code – XMASFBFRIENDS.  GO!

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