On Big Conversations

Since pushing “publish” on my last post, I’ve had a LOT of conversations with a LOT of people.  My husband, much to my surprise, shared my post on his Facebook page – which took a whole lot of courage and casting aside of ego.  This opened up a whole other “can of worms” (for want of a better term!), because although my blog is public, the majority of you who have been following me and reading my posts are quilters!  I have a … Continue Reading »

On Marriage

Growing up, I was pretty lucky.  I had a relatively “normal” family – Mum, Dad, older sister and younger brother.  Dad ran a very successful plumbing business on the Gold Coast.  We lived in beautiful homes, and were lucky to live in a relatively rural part of the Coast at the time, so were spoilt with horses and an assortment of farm animals.  I don’t remember ever really wanting for anything and the majority of my memories as a young kid are really … Continue Reading »

Goodbye 2017…. Part Two

The one resounding question I have heard over the past year is – Do You miss sewing? The answer to that is very complex and has changed over time.  Right now – No, I don’t miss it.  What I do miss however, is filling my spare time with sewing.  Waking up on my days off and being able to say – Hey, I’ve got nothing much to do today, I’ll make something.  Or knowing a special person in my life has a big … Continue Reading »

Goodbye 2017…. Part One

Where to begin? If you’re still subscribing to my blog, you may actually have forgotten who I am.  Which wouldn’t be a strange thing, because 2017 was a year in which I forgot who I was.  I had spent the many years preceding it, building a readership, an online business and a name for myself in this funny little (ok, it’s big) quilting world some of us have been lucky enough to belong in.  And then my body fucked me over….  I had … Continue Reading »

Pavement Puddles Take Two

A couple of years ago, I had my first magazine quilt finish – Pavement Puddles. It was featured on the cover of the first ever Make Modern Magazine, and I was thrilled!  Since then, you guys have purchased the pattern yourself, but it’s taken me this long to get another version made myself! I actually finished the quilt top this time last year, but just never got around the finishing it – until today!  Isn’t it beautiful?  It is so very different from … Continue Reading »

#aussieaurifilclub – November’s Neutral Territory

This month’s #aussieaurifilclub is a little delayed!  But it’s a good delay, because our Aussie distributor has been sold and handed over to its new owners – none other than Amitie Textiles!  So Jen and her crew are working hard to get everything running smoothly again, and will be bringing in loads more stock – including the much anticipated 80wt thread!  Watch this space! But for now, let me introduce you to “Neutral Territory”.  This foursome of softness is perfect for all sewing … Continue Reading »

Leftovers – Sewing For Sale

What do you do when you have time off work and a WIP list a mile long??  You start something new yes?  Several something’s new??  Mmhmmmm……  To make this story sound better, I will say that the following THREE new projects stemmed from leftovers of projects gone….. Firstly, I found the leftovers from blocks of a quilt that is yet to be finished.  In fact, it was supposed to be a Christmas present last year.  I’m hoping to get that done for this … Continue Reading »

Flowering Snowball in Blue

Back in May of this year, I did a bit of fabric shopping whilst tripping through Tasmania.  On said fabric shopping, I found the most glorious bundle of blue prints at Patchwork Plus.  The collection  is called “Alchemy” by Camelot Fabrics.  That little bundle has been patiently awaiting my attention, and thankfully I packed it when I went up for a day with my Modern Makers friends.  I whipped that bundle through the fabulous Go! cutter, and was then fully prepared to make … Continue Reading »

October #aussieaurifilclub – Secondary Stash

This month’s #aussieaurifilclub is a follow up from September’s Primary Plus.  We’ve moved on to September Stash! We’ve mixed those primary hues together, and now have luscious green, orange and purple, as well as the most divine bright variegated thread in town! Aren’t they yummy?  Subscriptions were shipped out today, and these bundles will be available to purchase in the online store ASAP!

Up The Garden Path Quilt

Quilters often talk about having a quilty bucket list.  For me, there were only a few to tick off my list: Clam Shell quilt, Double Wedding Ring quilt and Drunkards Path Quilt.  I’m pleased to say there is now only two left on that list!  May I present my rainbow version – Up the garden path quilt…. Consisting of over 115 Lizzy House prints (from my last #aussiecharmswap), and a bunch of Sarah Jane and Heather Ross prints, this darling quilt has been … Continue Reading »