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Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sew Along – Month Four!

I’m a little late on finishing my fourth month’s blocks!  So here’s a quick review of my eight blocks…. Joy – I love everything about this block….. The mustard, the floral and the ten pin bowling print! Mrs Brown – This is probably the softest palette amongst my blocks so far, but I adore it! Mrs Morgan – Packs a punch!  Love love love the bright flowers amongst the purple and green (should never be seen??  Who made that rule?!?!?!). Grandmother – Eeeek, … Continue Reading »

The Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sew Along – #42 Heather – Paper Piecing Tips!

Today is my second stop on the Farmer’s Wife 1930’s juggernaut, and I’ve been allocated the lovely Heather – number 42.  I have an admission to make – I haven’t read many of the letters in the book so far.  But when I opened the book up to find this block, I found the letter most fitting – given it is school holidays here in Melbourne, and my kids are home! “Dear Editor: On a particular trying day last spring while I was … Continue Reading »

1930’s Farmer’s Wife Sew Along – Month 3!

Three months.  26 blocks.  And now – a rest!  To be perfectly honest – I’m super excited that I’ve kept up!  Each time I pull out a pattern to make, I find myself umming and ahhing over which fabrics to use, and I can say I am yet to be disappointed with a block!  I’m using colours I wouldn’t normally, and pairing them together in some interesting combinations!  Here are my blocks from Month Three…. These apples had been screaming out to be … Continue Reading »

The 1930’s Farmer’s Wife Sew Along – MONTH TWO!

Wow!  Another month done!  And what a whopper it was!  In total, 11 blocks were allocated, and the variety in the blocks is just fabulous!  Here’s my roll call….. Deer Addie…. I love a good pop of yellow! Pandas!!!  Nuff said…. I’m totally digging green and pink together….especially this shade of green I would normally steer clear of! I went off the beaten track for Margaret and Milly, and played with my Marti Michel templates!  Whilst I was pretty happy with them…… And … Continue Reading »

FW 1930’s Sew Along – First Month Done!

It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve caught up on my Farmer’s Wife project, but I decided I would just update you monthly from here on out.  This is going to one epic quilting journey, one which I am whole-heartedly throwing myself in to – but I am acutely aware that with thousands of participants all over the world, some of you may be going through #farmerswifeoverload.  So, with that said – here’s my first month block run-down!  If you didn’t see … Continue Reading »

The Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sew Along – #13 Belle – Paper Piecing Y Seams!

Welcome to my first block tutorial in the Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sew Along!  When I was allocated Belle, I really didn’t look at the difficulty of it until I actually sat down to sew it – last week!  And it was only then I realised it involved Y seams!  Gulp.  I know there is a lot of anxiety surrounding Y seams – let alone paper piecing them!  So I have put together a little tutorial that I am hoping will relieve some of … Continue Reading »

Farmer’s Wife – Update Week Two

I’m totally doing a super quick Saturday night update post!  With the first two weeks of the Farmer’s Wife Sew Along under our belts, here are my first five blocks….. I don’t think it really even needs to be said – but I am in LOVE with my fabric choices!  And I am looking forward to the next 50 weeks of blocks! 😉 If you’re in Melbourne and joining it – don’t forget about the Sewing Day on the 31st of October.  There … Continue Reading »

Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sew Along – Off The Starter’s Block!

  Are you ready?  Set? GO! Yesterday saw the official kick off for the Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sew Along! And just because Angie loves a surprise, she threw in an extra block for this first week! So all 3000+ participants are racing to their sewing machines or picking up their hand sewing kit and getting their sew on. I just wanted to pop in today and show you my first two blocks, and share a couple of little things I will be using … Continue Reading »

Farmer’s Wife – Melbourne Sit and Sew Day!

At my last Melbourne MQG get together, I managed to get a couple of the girls to commit to the Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sew Along – basically by bribing them!  I promised I would organise a few sit and sew days over the course of the year, and they jumped right off that fence in to the deep end! This week I have gone in to over-drive trying to find the perfect space for participants, thinking that my place of choice was booked … Continue Reading »

Sunday Stash – Planning Ahead

In the preparation for my Farmer’s Wife quiltathon, I very cleverly joined forces with two other Melbourne participants, and put in a HUGE order with The Fat Quarter Shop!  Last week, the big box of yummy fabric arrived, and my portion is this: A mega bundle of Cotton + Steel Basics!  I will be pairing these with my already impressive collection of C+S prints, to hopefully create a really fabulous version of the FW quilt! I just adores the entire column spectrum in … Continue Reading »