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2013 – The Year That Was….

In one word – exhausting. If I were to look back at 2013, I would tell you that I got through it.  I landed on my feet – opposed to curling up in a ball.  So I guess I would call it a success? On the creative side of life, it couldn’t have been a better year!  I finished my 20th quilt for the year last weekend, and happily handed it over to my husband’s cousin, for the new little man in her … Continue Reading »

In The Right Direction – A Quilt

I am very happy to say I’ve just finished another quilt!  Unlike a lot of my projects, which are done and dusted within a week or so, this darling quilt was a long time in thinking before even being made.  And once I started it, took a couple of months.  BUT it’s finished!  So without further ado, may I present “In The Right Direction”…… This project started out with the aim of being a queen size quilt, but changed to throw size part … Continue Reading »

The “For Pleat’s Sake” Bag – Tips & Zippered Pocket Tutorial.

Thank you so much to everyone for your lovely comments on my Secret Santa gift reveal!  It killed me to keep it a secret for so long!  As promised, I’ve put together some tips for sewing it together, sort of like a review I guess!  I’ve also done a little tutorial on how to put a zippered pocket in.  So brace yourself for lots of photos….. First things first – You can find the tutorial for this bag HERE.  It really is quite … Continue Reading »

Secret Santa Gift Revealed!

As you would now know, earlier this year I was invited to join a wonderful paper piecing bee – Wombat Stew.  For someone relatively new to paper piecing, it has been such a fun adventure, learning all sorts of new tricks!  But the best part about this bee has been the friendships I have gained. A couple of months ago, the girls decided we should do a secret Santa swap.  I was so excited, I ‘d never been a part of one, in … Continue Reading »

Merry Christmas!

A very quick Christmas Ever post to say….. Merry Christmas!! Wishing you all a safe and relaxing Christmas Day tomorrow and looking forward to the New Year ahead! xxx ps – I have just noticed that a whole lot of photos are missing, strangely, from a lot of my blog posts and I have absolutely no idea why!  I shall endeavour to fix it another day, when I’m not running around like a headless chook!

Sunday Stash – Fabric Enabling!

Earlier this year, my Tokyo Bff travelled carrying THIS HAUL for me.  It was like I had won the Lotto!  And as it happens, I’ve just returned last night from another visit to the Gold Coast to catch up with two of my longest and dearest friends, one of them the “Tokyo Bff”. Suzie – AKA Tokyo bff and her two gorgeous children! Friends for 34 years!  (IG late night photo explains the graininess!) Amongst the talking, laughing, wine drinking, swimming and being … Continue Reading »

The Cushion For Christmas Blog Hop Winners Edition!

Firstly, I want to throw out a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who not only participated in the blog hop, but also just popped in and commented leaving your encouragement for everyone involved and also letting me know that you were inspired to get your cushion making skills happening!  If there was one thing I wished to gain from this experience, it was to see all you creative peeps becoming even more creative (who thought that was even possible?) and sharing said creativeness … Continue Reading »

Monday Night Quickie…..

Just a quick post tonight…… Basically because I don’t have time to scratch myself at present! I just want to say – YOU’RE MAKING MY LIFE VERY DIFFICULT!  I mean, when I said “hey – make a cushion for Christmas”, you took me literally!  You have to go and check out the very talented peeps who have linked up so far HERE and HERE.  And a reminder to the rest of you – you have less than two days left to link up … Continue Reading »

It’s A Wrap – Cushion For Christmas Blog Hop!

It’s Day 14 of the Cushion for Christmas Blog Hop!  Which, sadly, means it’s come to an end!  But on a very happy note – means you now get to…. SHOW ME YOUR CUSHIONS!! But first, let’s re-cap all the fabulous and inspirational bloggers who have shared their talents with you and I….. Top L-R: Pretty Bobbins, Finding Fifth, Party of Eight, Things for Boys. Top L-R: Molly and Mama, Me, Tickle & Hide, On the Windy Side. Top L-R: Molli Sparkles, Blossom … Continue Reading »

Day 13 – Cushion for Christmas Blog Hop!

Today is our last – but certainly not least – guest blogger in the blog hop!  Now, I LOVE all my bloggy friends who have helped bring you this hop BUT I have to say – I have a bit of a quilt crush on today’s host – the fantabulous Quilt Jane!  There is nothing I don’t like that Jane has produced, so when she responded to my request with a “yes” I was jumping for joy!  So thanks Jane! xx  Head on … Continue Reading »