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Christmas Sewing – It’s a Wrap!

As with every other household in the world, things here have been crazy!!  We’ve had my 16 year old God-daughter staying with us for three weeks – which meant I had five kids to sort out, children finishing school, organising school for next year.  Christmas parties, birthday parties and work work work.  I’m also struggling dreadfully with a horrid virus called “pityriasis rosea” – otherwise known as “the rash from hell”. In between all of that and more, I’ve managed to get a … Continue Reading »

T.G.I.F.F. – 2014 Quilt Finale

2014 has been a big year for me – quilting and otherwise.  As the year closes, I have my last two quilt finishes to share with you!  I count myself very lucky to be chosen to make something, as special as a quilt, for others.  The fact that people put their faith in me is really lovely.  Both of the quilts I’m sharing today are for repeat customers.  So I guess that says something about my product! You may remember my Isosceles on … Continue Reading »

Project Pictorial

Every now and then, I look through my downloaded photos to both Instagram and here on my computer, and I find finished projects I haven’t shared with you!  So here is a little “project pictorial”….. My Christmas ornament for the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild swap!  I cracked open my Liberty stash for this one, and love how it turned out.  We swapped on Saturday at our Sit and Sew day, and thankfully my recipient said she loved it! I have had a few … Continue Reading »

Confetti Cannon

When the MQG sent out an email a few months ago, regarding the Quiltcon Michael Miller challenge, I very quickly signed up thinking “this will be fun!”  I received my little bundle of pastel cotton couture weeks later and thought “Ummmmmm”.  I had no idea how to make the pastels work.  I mean, I’ve only ever used pastels a few times in my quilting life, so was left a bit deflated.  I took them out again not long after and just stared at … Continue Reading »

Fast & Furious

The Festival of Forties has literally taken over my life these past few weeks……My best friends and I are all turning 40 over the next 12 months, and the first two are now done and dusted!  So between parties, Cuban Jazz Festivals and a WHOLE weekend child free in Sydney – there hasn’t been much sewing getting done!  I’ve also been very blessed with the company of another best friend, who arrived here on Friday for a long weekend with us! Anyway…… Monday … Continue Reading »

Sunday Stash – Tokyo Part Two

Now, where were we?  Oh, that’s right – the fabric!   In total, I returned to Melbourne with 14 kilos of fabric.  Which is quite considerable!  But what I can tell you is this – I was actually very picky about my purchases!  I really thought about the fabric I chose, basically because I knew I’d have to get it home and also be able to fit it in my house.  I’m pleased to say I am very happy with each and every … Continue Reading »

London Calling!

It’s finished!   I feel like this quilt has taken me FOREVER, but in reality, it’s just been a process of patience and lots of love.  It all started in April, when it was my turn to be Queen in our paper piecing Wombat Stew bee.  I knew I had lots of quilts to make for 40th birthdays in the coming 12 months, so tried to think of one in particular that could use some paper piecing blocks.  It didn’t take me long … Continue Reading »

Sunday Stash – Tokyo Part One

It has been two weeks since I returned from my trip of a lifetime to Tokyo.  I had many a plan to blog about my trip earlier than this, however, it took me a week to actually recover from my holiday!!  It was literally exhausting – but incredibly exhilarating!  The one question everyone asks me when I tell them I went by myself on a holiday to Tokyo is “Why?”  Well, I am lucky enough to have a handful of amazing friends I … Continue Reading »

Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Original Design – Charm Dash

I am entering a second quilt in to the Blogger’s Quilt Festival!  I am very proud of my Charm Dash quilt – given it is my first ever released Pattern – so I am entering it in to the Original Design category!   Those of you who have been around here for a while would know I released my Charm Dash pattern about a month ago, but for those of you who are new here (You’ll find some captivating information about me and … Continue Reading »

Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Large Quilt – Pavement Puddles

I’m being very brave and throwing my hat quilt in the ring Blogger’s Quilt Festival!  If you’re new here to my blog – WELCOME!  You’ll find some captivating information about me and my work up there in the “Who is Ms Midge” section  ^^^^ I have a lot of quilts, yes, but the quilt I’m putting forward for the Large Quilt category is my  Pavement Puddles….. I designed this quilt under a little bit of pressure – from myself mostly – to come … Continue Reading »