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December #aussieaurifilclub – “Modern Blenders” by Quilt Jane

I’m so excited to share with you December’s #aussieauriflclub bundle – Modern Blenders by none other than Quilt Jane!  When I put the call out for bloggers to participate in the club, Jane was a “must” on my list!  And thankfully, she accepted the challenge! Consisting of four modern blenders – Pewter; Gold yellow; Grey Blue and Medium Red –  this bundle is perfect to pack some punch in your quilting!  All four are staples in Jane’s quilting thread repertoire, and I can’t … Continue Reading »

The Bee Hive – Shine Bright

Like a diamond!  You know, Rhianna and all that?  #earworm Welcome to my turn on the great Bee Hive Quilt Block Tutorial Series by Blossom Heart Quilts!  I was thrilled when Alyce asked me wayyyyyyyy back at the beginning of the year if I’d be interested in joining in.  I actually got to work straight away with my design, basically by playing around with different shapes.  In the end, I had a quilt block I really loved, which has an “aztec” feel about … Continue Reading »

W.I.P. Wednesday – More. New. Projects. #oops

Yep.  Six weeks until Christmas, and I’m starting new projects.  Slap me….. My beloved jelly roll of Doe by Carolyn Friedlander has been sliced and diced.  In to wayyyyyyyy too many triangles for my liking.  But I’m consoling myself with the realisation that it will look realllllllllly good…… Look familiar?  I’m using my own Pavement Puddles pattern!  Watch this space…. And the other project I felt the need to begin this week involves AMH and shot cotton.  Two of my favourite things.  If … Continue Reading »

Sunday Stash – Fabric Therapy – Literally

I know we quilters have all used the term “fabric therapy” before.  I’ve thrown it around in the past, describing how fabric can lift my spirits and just looking through my stash can brighten my day.  Today’s stash post is literally about the therapeutic value my latest trip to a store had… You see, last week was kind of full on.  Actually, it was an exhausting few days in the middle, which I have coined “operation starting from scratch”.  My dear Dad lives … Continue Reading »

Aurifloss “LOVE” Bundles back in stock – And NEW Products!

Just a quick blog post to let those of you who have been patiently awaiting more stock – the LOVE Aurifloss bundles are back!  You can find them in store HERE. They come packaged in their gorgeous little tin….. With ten beautiful colours floss threads to play with…. Stocks are limited! And if you want to get value for your postage, there’s also limited stock of the ENVY floss bundles too! AND on top of all that – I now stock some other fabulous … Continue Reading »

FW 1930’s Sew Along – First Month Done!

It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve caught up on my Farmer’s Wife project, but I decided I would just update you monthly from here on out.  This is going to one epic quilting journey, one which I am whole-heartedly throwing myself in to – but I am acutely aware that with thousands of participants all over the world, some of you may be going through #farmerswifeoverload.  So, with that said – here’s my first month block run-down!  If you didn’t see … Continue Reading »

Steam Punkin’ – Finito!

Many, many months ago,  I booked in to an “open” class with Jen Kingwell.  Angie from Gnome Angel was going, so I decided to tag along.  I finally bit the bullet and bought Jen’s Steam Punk quilt pattern, in the hope she could teach me how to do some hand sewing.  It was such a wonderful class, and Jen not only taught me how to do a few different hand sewing techniques, she also shared lots of other quilty advice, and we just … Continue Reading »

#aussieaurifilclub – November’s Cloudy Day!

November’s colour bundle for the #aussieaurifilclub is here!  The lovely Adrianne from On The Windy Side – just over the ditch in New Zealand – has chosen the most divine group of colours, and called them “Cloudy Day”. You can read all about how and why Adrianne chose them HERE.  I’m sure glad she chose them, as they are just sublime. The bundle includes #2975 Brass; #4644 Smoke Blue; #2605 Medium Grey and #2658 Mulberry.  These darling threads will be sent out mid-November … Continue Reading »

Sunday Stash – Self Control All But Gone….

It would be a fair statement to say that I have been fairly well controlled in the fabric buying stakes this year.  In fact, I’ve been so impressed with my lack of purchases that I can happily justify it when I DO go fabric shopping.  But it truly hasn’t happened much.  Lately.  Sort of. Ahemm.  I’ve hit a little hiccup in self control, and this past week or so has seen quite a number of little parcels entering my stash.  I’m fessing up….. … Continue Reading »

Lizzy House Meadow Tour – Down Under!

Many months ago, Bec from Skyberries contacted me and asked if I’d help her organising the Melbourne leg of Lizzy House’s Meadow Tour?  Ummmm, yeh!  I accepted the challenge, and after months of organising, we welcomed Lizzy to Melbourne last week!  Lizzy held a trunk show and lecture, hosted by the Melbourne MQG on Friday night – which you can read about HERE – and on Saturday morning, I left home bright and early and headed for the city to collect Lizzy for … Continue Reading »