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#aussieaurifilclub – November’s Neutral Territory

This month’s #aussieaurifilclub is a little delayed!  But it’s a good delay, because our Aussie distributor has been sold and handed over to its new owners – none other than Amitie Textiles!  So Jen and her crew are working hard to get everything running smoothly again, and will be bringing in loads more stock – including the much anticipated 80wt thread!  Watch this space! But for now, let me introduce you to “Neutral Territory”.  This foursome of softness is perfect for all sewing … Continue Reading »

October #aussieaurifilclub – Secondary Stash

This month’s #aussieaurifilclub is a follow up from September’s Primary Plus.  We’ve moved on to September Stash! We’ve mixed those primary hues together, and now have luscious green, orange and purple, as well as the most divine bright variegated thread in town! Aren’t they yummy?  Subscriptions were shipped out today, and these bundles will be available to purchase in the online store ASAP!

September #aussieaurifilclub – Primary Plus

This month’s #aussieaurifilclub is made up of the three primary colours and its +one – a fabulous rainbow variegated thread! Everyone needs basic primary colours and who doesn’t love a rainbow? PERFECT!  Bundles have been shipped today, and these sets will be available in the store HERE.

August #aussieaurifilclub – Pretty In Pink

Last month, I put together a thread set For The Boys.  This month, it’s all about Pretty In Pink!  I definitely had “for the girls” in mind, but I know my son is a little partial to pink, so couldn’t be biased 😉 Reminds me of fairy floss! Four perfectly gorgeous hues, bundled together for you!  These will be shipped out to club subscribers mid-August, and will be available in store soon after.  As always, subscriptions can be easily signed up for HERE.

June #aussieaurifilclub – Purple Reign

If you follow me on social media, you would know I was heartbroken by the recent passing of Prince.  His songs are like a soundtrack to my youth, and I have been a massive fan of his since I first overheard his music being played by my older sister and her best friend on their tape deck, way back in the 80’s!  For decades, I have had his music on my walkman, discman, and now my iPod, and have walked, run and danced … Continue Reading »

#aussieaurifilclub – May’s Teen Spirit

A few months ago, I handed my Aurifil colour card to my then 12 year old daughter – Chelsea – and told her to choose four fabulous colours for the #aussieaurifilclub.  She very carefully pondered for longer than I expected, and then exclaimed she was done!  So in celebration of her 13th birthday today, I present to you – It’s as bright and bubbly as my gorgeous girl, with a POW of purple and a POP of orange. Mix them in with a … Continue Reading »

March #aussieaurifilclub – Summer Breeze

March’s #aussieaurifilclub bundle has been revealed! Beautifully curated by the talented Jess at The Elven Garden, this quartet of colour has been named “Summer Breeze” and makes you wish Summer would never end! Comprising of two stunning variegated threads, as well as the perfect yellow and apple green, this bundle will inject some serious colour in to your thread stash! If you’re already subscribed, you will receive this parcel mid-March, and if you’re yet to sign up – subscriptions are ALWAYS open!  Sign … Continue Reading »

#aussieaurifilclub – February’s Watermelon Summer!

When Jodi from Tales Of Cloth started choosing her colours for next month’s #aussieaurifilclub, she put a lot of thought in to them.  She wanted fresh and Summery – and I think she nailed it!  “Watermelon Summer” makes me want to eat a whole tub of sorbet! The bundle consists of three fabulous variegated threads, and is mixed beautifully with mint. As usual, you can subscribe at any time – but if you want to get this bundle in February, then you need … Continue Reading »

#aussieauriflclub – January’s “Summer Rain” is here!

The lovely Keera from Live. Love. Sew. is our guest blogger for January’s #aussieaurifilclub bundle!  I’ve gotten to know Keera through my #aussiecharmswaps, and she’s just a gorgeous human being!  Keera has chosen four beautiful colours for January, which are quite rich and decadent! There’s a stunning light blue, rusty red, shiny olive green and the most perfect of navy blues. Kerri chose to receive her set in 12wt, and I can’t wait to see how she uses them!  12wt Aurifil is beautiful … Continue Reading »

December #aussieaurifilclub – “Modern Blenders” by Quilt Jane

I’m so excited to share with you December’s #aussieauriflclub bundle – Modern Blenders by none other than Quilt Jane!  When I put the call out for bloggers to participate in the club, Jane was a “must” on my list!  And thankfully, she accepted the challenge! Consisting of four modern blenders – Pewter; Gold yellow; Grey Blue and Medium Red –  this bundle is perfect to pack some punch in your quilting!  All four are staples in Jane’s quilting thread repertoire, and I can’t … Continue Reading »