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#aussieaurifilclub – November’s Cloudy Day!

November’s colour bundle for the #aussieaurifilclub is here!  The lovely Adrianne from On The Windy Side – just over the ditch in New Zealand – has chosen the most divine group of colours, and called them “Cloudy Day”. You can read all about how and why Adrianne chose them HERE.  I’m sure glad she chose them, as they are just sublime. The bundle includes #2975 Brass; #4644 Smoke Blue; #2605 Medium Grey and #2658 Mulberry.  These darling threads will be sent out mid-November … Continue Reading »

Brown Sugar!

When I first thought about starting a thread club, I really was very unsure how it would be received.  I mean, was everyone as obsessed with threads as I?  Would there really be a market for delicious parcels of thread delivered monthly to your door?  Well – it seems that yes, the obsession is real.  And yes, the market for thread deliveries is real!  I’ve been thrilled with the reception, and have enjoyed working with some of my favourite bloggers to bring you … Continue Reading »

Sunday Stash- Threadology

The #aussieaurifilclub has just shipped its fifth month!  Which means my thread stash has slightly self-combusted!  This is not a bad thing.  I repeat – NOT a bad thing!  What IS a bad thing, is my running out of room….. I bought this fabulous thread rack a couple of months ago, and as you can see, it’s full! So, I got myself another!  I just need to get out and spray paint it white, then hang it directly above the other.  Perfect!  If … Continue Reading »

Sunday Stash & Dash

I know you have been missing my somewhat whitty and delightful blog posts, but I’m here to assure you – I’m still alive!  I mentioned to my gorgeous charm swap group the other day, that I’ve been struggling a bit lately, in terms of finding the time required to get projects off the ground and works in progress actually finished.  I’m obviously also not finding as much time to write blog posts! So today’s Sunday Stash & Dash is kind of a check … Continue Reading »

New Aurifloss Bundles in Stock!

Yesterday was a big thread day in this household!  I arrived home from picking up this month’s #aussieaurifilclub stock to find a big box of Aurifloss had arrived from the US!  I didn’t waste any time and got it all sorted.  So if you have a current subscription to the monthly Aurifil club, these beauties will be on their way to you very soon! Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts put her “Kilim Me Softly” bundle together after being inspired by Kilim rugs!  You … Continue Reading »

July’s #aussieaurifilclub Bundle – by Pretty Bobbins

It seems in the post holiday excitement last week, I forgot to publish my #aussieaurifilclub bundle post!  Sorry! For those of you who have been eagerly awaiting the delicious colour choices from July’s blogger, you won’t be disappointed…. Gemma from Pretty Bobbins has an amazing eye for colour, and always puts in to use in her quilting!  This curated bundle literally reads “Gemma”.  Aptly named “Capital Colours”, after her beloved city of Canberra, the bold hues jump out at you and literally BEG … Continue Reading »

Aurifil – More Bang For Your Buck!

I may have mentioned previously that my darling husband has been home for the past seven weeks?  In that time, he’s accompanied me on various trips, one of them recently being to Spotlight.  Whilst I searched around for the fabric I was after, I found him standing in the thread aisle.  Concentrating.  Taking it all in.  I disrupted his concentration asking him what on earth he was so engrossed in?  Thread he says.  Be still my beating heart….. “How much do you sell your … Continue Reading »

June #aussieaurifilclub – “Cherry Skies”

Winter is coming here!  Which means it must be June!  I have the perfect little bundle of colour to brighten up your days! “Cherry Skies” June’s #aussieaurifilclub bundle has been beautifully put together by Anorina from Samelia’s Mum.  Comprising of four colours which complement each other perfectly, I think they are great hues to add to your Aurifil Collection! It’s never too late to sign up – subscriptions for July are open now!  And if you reallllly need June but didn’t subscribe in … Continue Reading »

Sunday Stash – An #aussieaurifilclub Debut!

The May bundle revealed! “Berry Gnomey” No words are really necessary for such a pretty picture – but I guess I should!  This yummy bundle has been cleverly put together by the fabulous Angie @ Gnome Angel.  Keep an eye out for Angie’s blog post tomorrow, and find out how she chose from the 252 available Aurifil colours! A gorgeous little package will be shipping out to subscribers mid-month, and I can’t wait to see what everyone does with them!  The #aussieaurifilclub is … Continue Reading »

Back to the Sewing Machine!

It seems I’ve had some sort of sewing hiatus.  There are a multitude of reasons why, however, I shall not bore you all, except to say – I returned to my sewing machine this week!  Which is a very good thing, because I have a to-do list the length of a limb! I started off with this fabulous bee block for Kim!  I joined my Melbourne MQG’s “Artistic Licence” bee this year, and this month is Kim’s turn to give the orders.  She … Continue Reading »