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Sunday Stash & Dash

I’m pleased to say I haven’t made any SUBSTANTIAL purchases of fabric in recent weeks.  A few metres here and there of Homespun for quilt backs and this little bundle of yummy….. I bought this AMH yardage from Jodi at Tickle & Hide (she’s having another destash on IG tomorrow!) and will use it for my Modern Medallion backing.  She threw in the other goodies which was just lovely! I’ll class these as stash additions, because hey, doesn’t everyone need cookies and chocolate … Continue Reading »

Sweet Pouch Swap Finale!

I returned home yesterday from four days away to a lovely email from my new friend Barbara in Germany.  She received her Sweet Pouch Swap package!  So now, I can show you what was made and sent….   I took quite some time deciding what I would actually make for Barbara.  I realllllllly wanted to use one of my decorative zips, but was struggling to work out how.  In the end, I just pulled a Tim Gunn and “made it work”!  I opened … Continue Reading »

The One Where Parental Guilt Got The Better Of Me!

Approximately 26 hours ago, Andrew and I had a conversation with the kids about Halloween.  About how they would not be going trick or treating.  About how we didn’t believe in Halloween. At precisely 4.05pm today, as I got out of the car after a day at work, I was met excitedly by Chelsea and Cadyn who could not tell me quick enough how their friends’ Mum was taking their friend trick or treating, and they were invited, and they really really really … Continue Reading »

Who The Hell Am I?

The ever-challenging Eden has brought back her “Fresh Horses Brigade” with a rather interesting subject – “Who The Hell Are You?”  I was shattered to see that I had missed the cut off for the link up by a whole 17 minutes – and then started questioning that perhaps it was the universe telling me I either A. Have no idea who I am? B. Would spend WAY too much time trying to figure out how to put myself in words or C. … Continue Reading »

Monday Funday

A bit of Monday night random thoughts for you all…..cos I know you need it! Please tell me I am not the only person who is regularly greeted with poo in the toilet?  You know, you innocently walk into the bathroom and go to sit on the toilet to see that the person before you has not only failed to use toilet paper, but has also failed to flush?  Do little kids just have this inept ability to “snap one off”, or could … Continue Reading »

February – done and dusted

February – you have been a fabulous month!  And it’s been great taking part in the Photo A Day Challenge!  But today marks the end….. Day 27 – Something I’ve Eaten  Not a hard one……I eat chocolate  I don’t gorge myself on it, I actually have very good self control.  One to two bars of a family size block every day.  About an hour after lunch.  It gets me through the rest of the day…… Day 28 – Money I worked today…..and … Continue Reading »