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T.G.I.F.F. – First Finish of the Season!!

Christmas is coming.  I’m slowly coming to terms with that.  But am not dealing with the fact I have not, up until yesterday, started making teacher’s gifts!  Because for some crazy reason, I started making them gifts a few years ago, and sort of feel like I’ve set myself a bloody standard going forward!  Anyway, yesterday.  I bought myself a geometric cat pattern from Quiet Play, and got cracking.  Today, it’s finished.  May I present to you – the beginning of my Christmas … Continue Reading »

Christmas Sewing – It’s a Wrap!

As with every other household in the world, things here have been crazy!!  We’ve had my 16 year old God-daughter staying with us for three weeks – which meant I had five kids to sort out, children finishing school, organising school for next year.  Christmas parties, birthday parties and work work work.  I’m also struggling dreadfully with a horrid virus called “pityriasis rosea” – otherwise known as “the rash from hell”. In between all of that and more, I’ve managed to get a … Continue Reading »

Weekly Round up #2 – The Heat Wave Edition

As I sit here with leggings on (don’t judge me – my top is covering my arse) and revel in the cool breeze, I can look back on the week that was and say “THANK GOD THAT IS OVER!”  You see, us Melbournians (and a few other parts of Oz) suffered through an exhausting week.  Five days in a row over 40 degrees (104+ farenheit) and we were all pretty much ready to crawl in to a rabbit hole and expire.  Thankfully the … Continue Reading »

Merry Christmas!

A very quick Christmas Ever post to say….. Merry Christmas!! Wishing you all a safe and relaxing Christmas Day tomorrow and looking forward to the New Year ahead! xxx ps – I have just noticed that a whole lot of photos are missing, strangely, from a lot of my blog posts and I have absolutely no idea why!  I shall endeavour to fix it another day, when I’m not running around like a headless chook!

A Cushion For Christmas Blog Hop!

With just FIVE WEEKS until Christmas, I have some VERY exciting news to share with you!  I’m hosting my first ever Blog Hop!  That’s right – little old ME! On the first of December, the Cushion For Christmas Blog Hop will kick off!  Two whole weeks of fabulous bloggers, all whom I love and respect as creative peeps! That’s right – TWELVE of the cleverist (that’s a word yes?) bloggers I know. Each with their own take on A Cushion For Christmas.  And … Continue Reading »

The Go To Gift

A few weeks ago, I started thinking stressing freaking out about what the make the kids teachers for Christmas gifts.  Once I remembered I still had SIX WEEKS (cue the hyperventilating), I relaxed and put some proper thought in to it. Fast forward to today – and I had only a few “have to sew” things in the morning, and once I’d ticked them off, I got down to the task of the first teacher’s gift.  My “go to gift” – a cushion. … Continue Reading »

W.I.P. Wednesday – What to do with a jelly roll??

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to receive a lovely parcel in the mail from none other than Kate Spain herself!  I was rewarded with such loot after being involved in the Kate Spain Blog Hop hosted by Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts.  Apart from the fact it had Kate’s actual address on the parcel and then a lovely hand written note inside, I was very excited to find it contained a Honey Honey jelly roll as well as a charm … Continue Reading »

Confession – A Christmas First

Yes, my dirty little secret is out…… I’ve never made Christmas decorations!  Shock, horror, gasp!  The closest I’ve gotten to making anything Christmas’y are my kids santa sacks – and they were very basic.  But it’s ok, I’ve changed my ways – because on Saturday, I made a table runner!  A Christmas table runner!  Hoorah! I bought some 1/4 yards of Hip Holiday a few months ago, because I wanted to attempt some Christmas goodies.  But what?  I started adding projects to my … Continue Reading »


Thirty-one years ago, I changed schools.  I was only one term in to grade one at Merrimac Primary School when we up and moved to a more country-ish town called Coomera.  Back in 1981, Coomera didn’t have much.  There was a milk bar at the caravan park on the corner of the highway, a police station and a small grocery store (well there was probably more, but as a six year old those were the most important!).  My parents built a huge 52 … Continue Reading »

Things To Do List – The Christmas Edition

I was at work today with a great chick, and we were both lamenting over the fact that we had no idea what we would be serving Christmas Day.  She hadn’t started her Christmas shopping and we were wondering how on earth we would pull it all together?  And just to drain me even further, my Zen keeps getting misplaced stolen.  So, here is my to do list….. 1. Finish sewing the gifts that are half done on my sewing table. 2. Bake … Continue Reading »