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Leftovers – Sewing For Sale

What do you do when you have time off work and a WIP list a mile long??  You start something new yes?  Several something’s new??  Mmhmmmm……  To make this story sound better, I will say that the following THREE new projects stemmed from leftovers of projects gone….. Firstly, I found the leftovers from blocks of a quilt that is yet to be finished.  In fact, it was supposed to be a Christmas present last year.  I’m hoping to get that done for this … Continue Reading »

Cushion Cover Marathon 2016

Cushions, by far, are the quickest and easiest gift for that someone special, and each year, I tend to make thousands of them!  Ok, maybe 20?  There’s a special tag for these posts here on my blog – cushion cover marathon – so here are the first two cushions for 2016!  This first one was a special order from a dear friend of mine.  Living in Japan, her eldest son is finishing at Kindergarten/Day Care, and has had the same wonderful teacher for … Continue Reading »

T.G.I.F.F. – First Finish of the Season!!

Christmas is coming.  I’m slowly coming to terms with that.  But am not dealing with the fact I have not, up until yesterday, started making teacher’s gifts!  Because for some crazy reason, I started making them gifts a few years ago, and sort of feel like I’ve set myself a bloody standard going forward!  Anyway, yesterday.  I bought myself a geometric cat pattern from Quiet Play, and got cracking.  Today, it’s finished.  May I present to you – the beginning of my Christmas … Continue Reading »

TBT – Enclosed Zipper Tutorial!

Welcome to another “Throw Back Thursday”! Once a month, I’m going to throw you back to one of my most popular blog posts, which hopefully you will find terribly exciting! The reason I’m doing this is not because I have nothing to write about (Nobody has ever accused me of being lost for words), but because since moving from Blogger to WordPress, a lot of my older blog posts have become rather “dodgy” in their set up, and really do need re-writing and … Continue Reading »

TGIFF – A Finish is A Finish!

Ever have those weeks when you just feel like you’re never going to sit down and do something you actually WANT to do?  Yup.  I’ve just finished one of those!  All I wanted to do was sew today, but apparently children needing to get to school, groceries needing to be done, vacuuming, washing and website fixing – they all had to be done first!  But once they were sorted, I got to it….. I bound Cadyn’s Improv quilt, but could only manage this … Continue Reading »

Friends – A Tale Of Two Cushions

  If you’ve been reading along this past twelve months, you’d know that I’ve been on the 40th birthday bandwagon, and every BFF gets a quilt!  I feel like Oprah at times – YOU get a quilt! YOU get a quilt…..and YOU GET A QUILT!!!!  Well, I’m nearly at the end of said bandwagon.  For now.  But the last of my BFF’s has her 40th birthday tomorrow.  And because she got a quilt last year – just because – she’s getting something different. … Continue Reading »

TGIFF – A Sarah Jane Cushion

It’s been a while between cushions!  Given I usually whip out a few a month, I’m letting my stats down.  Today, however, has made up for it.  One of my very best friends ordered this cushion from me a couple of months ago, and told me there was no rush for it, because the little baby wasn’t in Australia yet.  So I took my time.  And today was the day! The only specifics I was given for this beautiful personalised cushion was her … Continue Reading »

The Great Gatsby Cushion!

Let it be known – I read “The Great Gatsby” back in 1992 for English Literature – and LOVED it!  I also loved the original movie, and was THRILLED when Baz Lurhmann remade the film, in a magnificent way.  So when we were invited to a friend’s 40th (which I am attending as you are reading this) and the theme was “Gatsby”, I was just a tad bit excited.  I mean, costume parties can be a lot of effort, but once you’re there, … Continue Reading »

Luminous – A Pattern Test

In this crafty world we live in, we quite often have the opportunity to meet like-minded people.  Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting one such lady – Abby, from Things For Boys!  Last week, Abby put the call out for patterns testers.  She has designed a fabulous pattern called “Luminous”, and I quite happily offered my assistance!  Yesterday, I got to choosing fabrics for the rainbow version, and whilst it was a little tricky finding colours that would work to give … Continue Reading »

Sew Cute Tuesday – Back To My Regular Schedule

As I gently re-enter my regular routine, I’ve returned to gift sewing.  You see, I worked my proverbial butt off over January, doing what we call “sleepover shifts” during the school holidays, so I could be home with the kids.  Once the kids headed back to school, I had a glorious ten days off work to get this house, and my sewing, back in to order!  So today, I’m sharing a few goodies I managed to get sorted….. A few weeks ago, I … Continue Reading »