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The BIG Swoon Reveal!

The day has finally come – I can share my biggest finish with you all!  That’s right – my Swoon is done and dusted!  I managed to bind it on the weekend, and Saturday night, got my little minions to work, using muscles they never thought they had.  This baby is HEAVY!  I could have waited for delightful sunshine and dry skies – but you wouldn’t have seen photos of it for about a month – Melbourne’s Winter is in full force at … Continue Reading »

Raising a Child Takes A Village – Raising a Child with Social Media Involved Takes An Army.

If you’ve been around these parts for a while, you will know that I am partial to putting on my ranty pants.  I get my knickers in a knot about all kinds of interesting bullshit – but mostly about teenagers and the way things are today. Enter today’s post. I think I’m doing an OK job as a parent.  I think that my eldest son’s Dad and I, together with my husband and his Dad’s partner, are banding together in some kind of … Continue Reading »

Sign Of The Times?

Do you remember when you were growing up and you’d hear your grandparents say “Back in my day….” or your parents say “when I was a girl…..”?  Do you remember rolling your eyes and thinking “yeh, yeh” and wondering what all the fuss was about?  Thinking that all of them were just old fogies who had no idea about what you were going through, about the type of world you were growing up in?  And thinking “when I’m a parent, I’m NEVER going … Continue Reading »

Too School for Cool?

The discussion going on in our household (and work, and on the phone) is about schools.  To my shock and amazement (and relief), Lochie’s Dad told me Sunday night that he was not thrilled with his school and that he would be looking for another school.  I did answer that perhaps WE should look for another school, and perhaps talk about it??  Anywho, after a brief discussion on all things uncool about Lochie’s school, we agreed to look into some alternate educational solutions … Continue Reading »

Smart Chart

After what I would call GIVING UP on Monday, it seems my brainy husband put some thought to the situation we had found ourselves in – again. Last year, our youngest son, Cadyn, went through a pretty hideous time.  He hit a wall at school, which then reverberated through our home, as he hit not only walls but anything else he could possibly cry at, throw himself on the ground at or yell at.  It was a living hell.  We ended up getting … Continue Reading »

Whose Bright Idea??

Was it to get another farking cat???!!!!  And who was the farking idiot that agreed to it????  Urghhhhh……. SOMEBODY began campaigning for a kitten back in April.  This somebody had been suckered in by his then soon to be nine year old daughter and her promises of caring and loving a kitten like no other human being in history had before her.  The same somebody then convinced me that it would be a great idea to get above mentioned daughter a kitten for … Continue Reading »

Sweating my way to Health

Yesterday, I finally took the plunge and committed to doing a Bikram Yoga class.  I took the commitment one step further, and posted on Facebook my intention, so that I could not back out of it, and would have to answer to lots of people if I did!  Including the instructor, whom I happen to be friends with.  For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, here’s the explanation….. This would also be classed as the  BIGGEST … Continue Reading »

A Likely Witch Hunt

Happy Mother’s Day!  I worked all day but was happy to return home  to a lovely Indian meal cooked by the husband, and the children had all made and bought me lovely bits and pieces.  Nice.What I didn’t think was nice, was the not so brilliant timing of 60 Minutes’ story telling.  I mean seriously, putting a story on about smacking, on Mother’s Day.  Good one.  I saw the ads for it last week, and straight away thought “fabulous, that woman is going … Continue Reading »

Breathing not Yelling

Hi…my name is Midge and it has been three days since I have yelled at my kids!!  And I’m feeling rather good about it!  Not only that, but I also caught up with a beautiful friend this morning, who has been going through a really tough time with her littlest boy enduring a shitty few weeks with an infection in his leg – that went septic.  I’ve shed tears for her and her little boy these last few days.  Nobody likes to see … Continue Reading »

The one where I sound like my Nanna…..

Today was parent/teacher interview day at Lachlan’s high school.  He rang me from his Father’s last week and said that his Dad thinks because his test scores etc were so good, he didn’t have to go to the interviews.  I did not agree with this.  Lochie went forward and arranged for the interviews. For those not familiar with high school – at this school, your child goes to each teacher and fills in a form with a ten minute slot for your interview. … Continue Reading »