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W.I.P. Wednesday – Triangles

Something I am yet to have made is a triangle quilt.  Until now.  I started on it yesterday, cutting out triangles upon triangles, but still a gazillion triangles to cut out! I used a template provided by the tutorial I am roughly following, and really was hoping it would be ok! Last night, I took all of said triangles, and laid them out to get an idea of placement.  Then saved them before Bella the cat mistook them for something for her amusement, … Continue Reading »

The Little Phone That Swam. And The Crazy Woman Who Sunk…..

Last Wednesday afternoon, I went and picked up Lochie from school – something that is out of my routine, because he usually catches the bus – got him home and ran inside to quickly use the loo before I had to head out again to get Chelsea and Cadyn.  So in I run, pull down my dacks in a hurry, and then I hear it – Splash.  I recognise the sound immediately and turn around to find my beloved iPhone5 at the bottom … Continue Reading »

Who knew? Not me….

So I’ve been reading hysteria filled posts for months about the fact that Google Reader is closing down. As I read them, I thought “Hmmm, never heard of it” and wondered for a few seconds each time how I read my blog posts and why it wasn’t on Google Reader?? Fast forward to a few days ago, when a lovely reader commented that they couldn’t find my Bloglovin’ follow button thingy, but added me anyway.  And press that fast forward button again to … Continue Reading »

W.I.P. Wednesday #18 – What a doozy!

Well what a mammoth week I’ve had!  I was very excited to see Lee’s directions posted early Friday morning for putting the Bloom Bloom Pow blooms together, but alas, did not get around to finishing my part until yesterday!  When I started placing it all out on the weekend, I wasn’t entirely happy with how it was looking.  I felt like it was too “slim”.  So yesterday, I banged out a couple more blooms. First attempt – 12 blooms Finished product – 14 … Continue Reading »