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Goodbye 2017…. Part Two

The one resounding question I have heard over the past year is – Do You miss sewing? The answer to that is very complex and has changed over time.  Right now – No, I don’t miss it.  What I do miss however, is filling my spare time with sewing.  Waking up on my days off and being able to say – Hey, I’ve got nothing much to do today, I’ll make something.  Or knowing a special person in my life has a big … Continue Reading »

Goodbye 2017…. Part One

Where to begin? If you’re still subscribing to my blog, you may actually have forgotten who I am.  Which wouldn’t be a strange thing, because 2017 was a year in which I forgot who I was.  I had spent the many years preceding it, building a readership, an online business and a name for myself in this funny little (ok, it’s big) quilting world some of us have been lucky enough to belong in.  And then my body fucked me over….  I had … Continue Reading »

Another Australian Bite!

Although I’m starting to feel like a Tourism Blog, when I share photos of our little corner of the world – You all love it!  So here I am again, after the most divine weekend spent down on The Great Ocean Road.  Lorne to be specific.  I’d only ever driven through this town, so was interested to see what was so special that my brother-in-law and his now wife decided to hold their wedding there – two and a half hours drive from … Continue Reading »

Checking In

I feel like I’ve haven’t posted for AGES.  But, in reality, it’s only been a few days.  Go figure.  I think the reason I feel like this, is that I haven’t posted “personally” as such for a long time?  Well, here’s a catch up on what’s been happening in this corner of the world for the past few months….. My kids are growing up.  Like, seriously growing up, and out, and around.  We’ve celebrated a couple of birthdays….. Cadyn’s cricket cake was a … Continue Reading »

Where I’m At – A Little Old Mental Health Check In

As I sat down this afternoon, to finish off some Ms Midge orders, I felt really bad.  I felt bad because usually I have a reasonably quick turn around on orders.  Most of the time I let customers know that it will be around two weeks from order to delivery, and I can generally get orders sorted within a week – just to surprise everyone!  But lately, things have been very slow, and for that I feel like I need to give a … Continue Reading »

Hard Questions and Even Harder Answers…

We all harbour questions that we would dearly like to ask someone, or many someone’s, but never think we will be able to spill the words.  It’s like you’re too scared to ask because you don’t really want to know the answer?  Or you know what the answer will be, and can’t bare to think of what you will do with said answer?  Or is it just me? I’ve just spent the weekend up in Queensland.  Had three days of pretending that I … Continue Reading »

Oh Brother

I have a brother.  This is a fact that is quite easily forgotten by many and will more than likely be news to others.  In fact, I was telling a workmate today about this drafted post and she was rather intrigued about this brother she had not heard of – we have been working together for years.  He is my younger brother by three years.  So a little brother to two big sisters.  When those who know I have a brother, ask me … Continue Reading »

How to make a Japanese girl Happy(er)…..

This time last week, we were welcoming a delightful young lady in to our home.  Her name is Maiko.  Yep, we put our hands up were suckered in to having another Japanese exchange student!  If you’ve been following the story here for a while, you may remember the same time last year, when the painfully shy and quiet Yoshiki blessed us with his presence?  No?  Well, HERE and HERE are a couple of quick reminders!  Let’s just say those two weeks of 2011 were … Continue Reading »

Since When?

Since when did I become OLD???  A couple of things have occurred in my life just recently to beg the question. Exhibit A: I now sport an Lily Munster-inspired grey silver stripe in my hair!!  Since when did my hair colour NOT cover it??  I need a word with my hairdresser…..  And my Mother, whom I believe sports the same fashion statement…… Exhibit B: I have a bevy of medications and supplements to supplement my breakfast.  This makes me think of my grandparents, … Continue Reading »

My Easter Sunday…..

Happy Easter.  Happy Birthday.  Happy Me.  Sorta…… Today marks the 37th year I have been on the earth.  And surprisingly, that was not so hard to write.  As I edge closer to the big 4….0….. I find myself gasping for air.  And it’s not actually until I wrote that, I realised maybe that has something to do with how I am feeling today.  Rather ho-hum.  It certainly doesn’t help having to share your birthday with a friggin bunny!  But them’s the breaks…… A … Continue Reading »