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The Fast & Furious Baby Quilt

When you deliver two quilts to a friend/customer and tell her you bought some gorgeous “boy” kind of fabrics in Tassie, and she says “Oh good!  I have a new nephew as of last night!”, you promptly get to work on requested baby quilt.  I had already put thought in to the kind of design I wanted to  use these specific fabrics in, so I got to work straight away! I started with the measurements I found for a “Plus quilt” HERE, then worked … Continue Reading »

TGIFF – A Sarah Jane Cushion

It’s been a while between cushions!  Given I usually whip out a few a month, I’m letting my stats down.  Today, however, has made up for it.  One of my very best friends ordered this cushion from me a couple of months ago, and told me there was no rush for it, because the little baby wasn’t in Australia yet.  So I took my time.  And today was the day! The only specifics I was given for this beautiful personalised cushion was her … Continue Reading »

Quilted Placemat Tutorial

Do you have special little people in your life – you know, the ones that you’ve basically made almost everything under the sun for?  So that when it comes around to their birthday, you’re left wondering what on earth to make?  Well, that’s where I found myself this week!  My youngest God-daughter lives in Tokyo, and she has a multitude of handmade goodies, including cushions, wall hangings and clothing!  I have a quilt in mind to make for her when she moves in … Continue Reading »

W.I.P. Wednesday – Gonna Put This Song On Replay

For it seems this is going to be an ongoing story for me this year!  The quilter’s ADHD has kicked in full force and I’m getting through my list of projects whilst I have some time off work here and there.  Here’s a bunch of goodies I’ve been working on this past week….. {Photos Care of IG} I’ve actually sewn all 80 of these wonky crosses on to my Modern Medallion, but have not had the time nor inclination to get out my … Continue Reading »

A Cushion Confession

If you’ve been around here a while, you would know I am somewhat a fan of the quilted cushion.  It is my “go to” gift for anyone and everyone.  Birthday?  Have a cushion!  Christmas?  Have a cushion!  Wedding?  Have a cushion!  They are a bright little spark of instant gratification.  Today was one of those days.  We have so many celebrations coming up, and amongst them are a couple of first birthdays.  So I decided I would make both these littlies a personalised … Continue Reading »

Black & White Finish

I told you I needed to get this finished… I did!  I got this baby basted yesterday after having some doubts over my backing choice, but decided to go with it, realising that this quilt was never going to be conventional or traditional in many, if any senses!  I’m so glad I did – I love how it has turned out! It was very difficult to get a good full photo of it, given the ten minute window of sunshine I had culminated … Continue Reading »

A Birthday Keepsake

Cushions seem to be my “thing” in recent times!  And that’s ok!  I adore making quilted cushions, and love that my customers want me to make them!  One such customer messaged me Thursday night and put in a request for TWO!  This is the first….. The only specifications I had were: Girly fabric and personalised with name and birth date.  Easy!  I have had this Sarah Jane fabric sitting on my shelf awaiting the perfect project.  I’ve cut out 6.5″ squares, and knew … Continue Reading »

Paper Pieced Cushion & Machine Binding Tutorial

I hope you’re enjoying the Cushion For Christmas Blog Hop! Today is day 10 and if you head over to On The Windy Side, you will find Adrienne’s fabulous quilted Christmas Cushion! Now – today I have another tutorial for you – How I machine bind….I use this same method for my quilts, for many reasons, but mostly because A. I don’t hand sew AND B. I don’t hand sew…..When it came time to bind my first ever real quilt, I searched the … Continue Reading »

Confession – A Christmas First

Yes, my dirty little secret is out…… I’ve never made Christmas decorations!  Shock, horror, gasp!  The closest I’ve gotten to making anything Christmas’y are my kids santa sacks – and they were very basic.  But it’s ok, I’ve changed my ways – because on Saturday, I made a table runner!  A Christmas table runner!  Hoorah! I bought some 1/4 yards of Hip Holiday a few months ago, because I wanted to attempt some Christmas goodies.  But what?  I started adding projects to my … Continue Reading »

When You Think You Have Nothing To Sew!

Saturday night, whilst watching crap tv, I was thinking to myself “I don’t have anything to sew this week”.  And then lightning struck, thunder cracked, and a tonne of sewing projects seemed to appear from nowhere!  Apparently whilst taking a few days to prepare for the rainbow party to end all rainbow parties (You can see the baking efforts HERE), I had failed to remember a couple of birthdays coming up, the fact I would be meeting a friend’s twins for the first … Continue Reading »