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Sunday Stash – Hostess with the Mostess!

When your quilty friend tells you they’re up to pussy’s bow in glitter (Ok, so their schedule is bursting!) and they need you to fill their shoes, you go out and get yourself some All Stars, pour yourself a drink and prepare to be Hostess with the Mostess! Molli is busy this weekend, so you have me to guide you through your Sunday Stash! I’m almost embarrassed to say I have a few little goodies to show you this week. ┬áThere’s been a … Continue Reading »

I Quilt – Party Over Here!

Truth be told – I’m feeling like a bit of a blog-hosting-hussy of late!  But a blog friend has to do what a blog friend has to do……  And tonight, Ms Gemma from Pretty Bobbins is feeling rather poorly, so the I Quilt party is being held here!  Go throw your quilts in the air and shake em like you just don’t care!  Ok, maybe not….. Lucky for you I managed to stop off at the local park this afternoon, dodged the rain … Continue Reading »

T.G.I.F.F. Party Over Here!

I’m playing Hostess with the Mostess today!  So welcome!  I have a bright and sparkly reveal that has been months in the making….. You see, back in February, I found a block I loved and wanted to use for my month as Queen in my quilting bee.  I had to be resourceful and literally go straight to the source….. And then re-write the tutorial to suit my block with a twist…. I like to call it the “Radiating Sparkler”!  I actually received 14 … Continue Reading »

Blah….blah blah!

I’ve been a busy little beaver (so childish that every time I hear that word I laugh?) this last week or so!  Apart from the fact that it’s school holidays here, which itself is enough to generally send me in to a spin – I’ve also well and truly got my Sew-jo back!    The last few months have been mind-blowingly maniacal, and I’m still recovering.  But our renovations are ALMOST finished – just one bloody toilet door to be hung!  Our house … Continue Reading »

Something new I tried last week

Yep – The Oz Material Girls had me guest post again this week.  Another lovely pattern, which I have reviewed and can recommend!  You can check it out HERE. I hope you’re all having a lovely day!  I will be back soon with more extremely interesting and riveting drivel – promise! xx


I was going to pop in today and write something super quirky, intelligent and funny!  But I decided to spend the day sewing, yelling at kids, doing some errands (why is it we start using words like errands at a certain age???), yelling some more and just trying to breath!  Soooooo, nothing really quirky, intelligent nor funny to share.  Sorry. Instead……I will share with you my latest stint at Moonlighting – Here!  I’m hoping someone out there finds it helpful in some way! I … Continue Reading »

Guest Posting

Hi all!  Just quickly popping in to tell you the lovely gals over at The Oz Material Girls asked me to a regular contributor!  Hoorah!  So that’s where I am today! Up-sizing! is another little tutorial.  Hope it’s of interest and/or help to someone! I’ll be back soon xx