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Handmade By Emily – #aussiekonaclub

When Emily from Handmade By Emily contacted me and asked if I would be interested in curating a bundle of Kona for her #aussiekonaclub, it didn’t take me long to answer.  It was a resounding YES!  The next part took a little longer though.  With a million  too many  LOTS of colours in the Robert Kaufman Kona range, I set up camp and began my search.  The five brilliant colours I decided on are literally my favourites in terms of what I am … Continue Reading »

Sunday Stash – Tokyo Part Two

Now, where were we?  Oh, that’s right – the fabric!   In total, I returned to Melbourne with 14 kilos of fabric.  Which is quite considerable!  But what I can tell you is this – I was actually very picky about my purchases!  I really thought about the fabric I chose, basically because I knew I’d have to get it home and also be able to fit it in my house.  I’m pleased to say I am very happy with each and every … Continue Reading »

#f*cktober – A Cushion For Eden

**Potty Mouth Alert** A couple of weeks ago, Beth from Babymac wrote a beautiful blog post for her friend Eden.  Eden and Beth are REAL life friends – meeting through their blogging world, but becoming face to face friends instantly.  I don’t know either of them in real life, but feel like I’ve gotten to know them somewhat through years of reading their blogs.  Especially Eden’s.  Eden writes like there is no tomorrow.  Sometimes, literally.  I have commented on her blog hundreds of … Continue Reading »

Sunday Stash – The Magazine Edition

A few years back, a friend’s Mum de-stashed a huge amount of sewing goods.  Part of that stash was a big old pile of quilting magazines.  At the time, I was not a quilter, so had absolutely no use whatsoever for them!  A lady from an online sewing group came past and picked them all up happily.  Then, once she found out I was quilting, she dropped a bunch back in to me….. Where they have happily sat atop my shelves in my … Continue Reading »

Coloured Happy – Wavelength Finish

You know when you see a quilt somewhere on social media and you think “I have to make that”?  Well, that happened when I first saw Lee’s Wavelength quilt – her latest Freshly Pieced pattern.  I bought it on the spot and then pondered how I would make it mine?  The answer came a few days later when a new parcel of acquired fabrics arrived on my doorstep!  A divine little fat 1/8th’s bundle of V and Co’s Color Me Happy would do … Continue Reading »

The Kate Spain Aussie Charm Swap – Now Open!

44 34 22 17 11 ONE SPOT LEFT! The sign ups are now officially open for the Kate Spain Aussie Charm Swap!  I’ve had such a great wave of interest through IG, FB and here on the blog – so am looking forward to getting this started and hopefully getting a full house of sign ups! Here are the details: 1) This swap will be open to 56 participants, me being one of those! All of Kate’s fabric lines except for the Christmas/Holiday ones can be included. The included lines … Continue Reading »

Almost Wordless W.I.P. Wednesday & A Winner

247 x 4.5″ blocks all sewn together with I think only a handful of points sacrificed.  I’m one very proud human being right now.   I got it up to a single bed size.  Just need to baste, quilt and bind. I’m linking up with Freshly Pieced – You can too! P.S.  The winner of Cornelia’s “Every Which Way” pattern is –  Thanks to everyone who entered!  I shall email you in a tic Quilting Momma!

Sunday Thanks

A very BIG thank you to everyone who has popped in over the past week and taken the time to leave me a comment and enter my 500 Giveaway!  I will never cease to be amazed at the beautiful feedback I receive and the smile it brings to my face!  The winners were drawn via Rafflecopter earlier today and they were: International – Vera Australian – Christine M. Facebook – Merryn I shall endeavour to get a little parcel in the mail for … Continue Reading »

500 – A Giveaway!

Have you missed me?  It’s been almost two weeks since my last post! CRA-ZEEEEEEEE!  I have been sewing here and there, and also managed to get away for a few days (again – so spoilt!) over our long weekend last week.  But I’ve thought about blogging every. single. day.  Why?  Well…….. THIS IS MY 500TH POST!!! How amaze-balls is that?  I held off posting because I wanted to make it all exciting and have something fabulous to give-away and all that, but I’ve … Continue Reading »

Merry Christmas!

A very quick Christmas Ever post to say….. Merry Christmas!! Wishing you all a safe and relaxing Christmas Day tomorrow and looking forward to the New Year ahead! xxx ps – I have just noticed that a whole lot of photos are missing, strangely, from a lot of my blog posts and I have absolutely no idea why!  I shall endeavour to fix it another day, when I’m not running around like a headless chook!