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Goodbye 2017…. Part Two

The one resounding question I have heard over the past year is – Do You miss sewing? The answer to that is very complex and has changed over time.  Right now – No, I don’t miss it.  What I do miss however, is filling my spare time with sewing.  Waking up on my days off and being able to say – Hey, I’ve got nothing much to do today, I’ll make something.  Or knowing a special person in my life has a big … Continue Reading »

Goodbye 2017…. Part One

Where to begin? If you’re still subscribing to my blog, you may actually have forgotten who I am.  Which wouldn’t be a strange thing, because 2017 was a year in which I forgot who I was.  I had spent the many years preceding it, building a readership, an online business and a name for myself in this funny little (ok, it’s big) quilting world some of us have been lucky enough to belong in.  And then my body fucked me over….  I had … Continue Reading »

Happy New Year – Reflections on 2014

Welcome to 2015!  Crazy isn’t it?  I feel like last year went past in a blur and I’m left sitting here, in the first week of January, wondering what happened?  I did sit down before Christmas and update my Quilting Projects for 2014 page on the blog, so if you want to see the 18 quilts and some of the other goodies I made, head over HERE. We have had a lovely break over Christmas, heading up to The Murray River for five … Continue Reading »

Fiji – A Review of Sorts!

A little over a week ago, I was sitting in a hammock, reading a great book and listening to the sound of gentle waves lapping at the shore.  The only thing that could remotely annoy me were the ever present “mozzies”, but even they were easily tamed with some local insect repellant.  My husband and I had seven whole days of peace and tranquility.  We had relaxation overload.  We met new friends and learnt a lot about different cultures.  It was an experience … Continue Reading »

Sweating my way to Health

Yesterday, I finally took the plunge and committed to doing a Bikram Yoga class.  I took the commitment one step further, and posted on Facebook my intention, so that I could not back out of it, and would have to answer to lots of people if I did!  Including the instructor, whom I happen to be friends with.  For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, here’s the explanation….. This would also be classed as the  BIGGEST … Continue Reading »

And We’ve Only Just Begun…..

The Brown House.  That is the best description I have for it at present.  Brown.  Really brown.  But we have a vision.  Sort of.  It’s a bit of a blurred vision right now, but I’m hoping my little exercise book filling up with notes will soon make it clearer. I have a gazillion more photos of our new home, but am too scared to look too closely, for fear of running!  This little big beauty is most definitely a work in progress.  It’s … Continue Reading »

Tree Change?

 I have just spent the weekend in a beautiful part of our country – Myrtleford.  Ok, I had to spend eight hours in the car to get there and back, but gees – it was worth it.  Just as we were heading in to this lovely little town, I decided I should get out my iPhone and start snapping some pictures.  The Autumn leaves reminded me of the trip I made as a teenager from the Gold Coast to Melbourne, and how stunned … Continue Reading »

Husband Love

Still school holidays here.  And Winter has struck…..which in turn means everyone will inevitably get cabin fever.  My darling husband came up with the idea of taking the kids ALL THE WAY over the other side of the city to visit him at his new work place, and go out for lunch.  So, seeing as though there were only two available days left to do this, yesterday, I packed the kids up (and if we weren’t meeting him for lunch, we would have … Continue Reading »


This parenthood journey is a wild one.  I find myself going from one emotional point to another, in a matter of moments.  Yesterday I was lamenting over the loss of control, now my biggest boy is a teenager.  Today I find myself in a strange place.  Home alone. Chloe hasn’t been 100% the last couple of days, and given she still had a super high temperature at 4pm yesterday, I called my boss and asked her to fill my shift for today, as it’s … Continue Reading »

Pin Cushion Swap

Something I never thought I would be a part of!  Considering I only really took up sewing again a year ago, I’m constantly amazed at how much I WANT to sew…..and how much I WANT to make new things!  And this last week, I have made my very first, and second, pin cushion! Lovely little flower from Penilla’s Journey! I wasn’t entirely happy with my first attempt – only because I think I should have used more contrasting fabrics.  And then I remembered … Continue Reading »