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A Graduation Quilt

Almost one year ago, on a cool New Year’s Eve up on the Murray, my kids were wrapped up in their own quilts and the school principal just happened to be there!  I was asked if I would be interested in making the graduation quilt for 2015?  I actually didn’t even think about it, just said “sure” and left it at that.  Fast forward a couple of months, and I had discussed the plan with teaching staff and waited until the third term … Continue Reading »

Lizzy House Meadow Tour – Down Under!

Many months ago, Bec from Skyberries contacted me and asked if I’d help her organising the Melbourne leg of Lizzy House’s Meadow Tour?  Ummmm, yeh!  I accepted the challenge, and after months of organising, we welcomed Lizzy to Melbourne last week!  Lizzy held a trunk show and lecture, hosted by the Melbourne MQG on Friday night – which you can read about HERE – and on Saturday morning, I left home bright and early and headed for the city to collect Lizzy for … Continue Reading »

Happy New Year – Reflections on 2014

Welcome to 2015!  Crazy isn’t it?  I feel like last year went past in a blur and I’m left sitting here, in the first week of January, wondering what happened?  I did sit down before Christmas and update my Quilting Projects for 2014 page on the blog, so if you want to see the 18 quilts and some of the other goodies I made, head over HERE. We have had a lovely break over Christmas, heading up to The Murray River for five … Continue Reading »

2013 – The Year That Was….

In one word – exhausting. If I were to look back at 2013, I would tell you that I got through it.  I landed on my feet – opposed to curling up in a ball.  So I guess I would call it a success? On the creative side of life, it couldn’t have been a better year!  I finished my 20th quilt for the year last weekend, and happily handed it over to my husband’s cousin, for the new little man in her … Continue Reading »

An Isosceles Puzzle – Tips for Making a Triangle Quilt

 When I was asked to make my Isosceles on Point quilt, I was very helpfully pointed towards THIS tutorial/pattern.  This was the inspiration Larissa had found – which was very helpful indeed!  It was great to get an idea of what I was in for, however, it was  quite basic, and didn’t really answer all the questions I had in this new triangle world I found myself in.  And it seems that I’m not alone.  A lot of you asked for tips and … Continue Reading »

The Little Phone That Swam. And The Crazy Woman Who Sunk…..

Last Wednesday afternoon, I went and picked up Lochie from school – something that is out of my routine, because he usually catches the bus – got him home and ran inside to quickly use the loo before I had to head out again to get Chelsea and Cadyn.  So in I run, pull down my dacks in a hurry, and then I hear it – Splash.  I recognise the sound immediately and turn around to find my beloved iPhone5 at the bottom … Continue Reading »

W.I.P. Wednesday – Swoon Half Done

I’m practically jumping out of my skin with excitement!  Today I finished my Swoon quilt top!  And I’m almost finished the back.  Yeeee-hahhhhh! I had planned on using the huge amount of scraps to make little stars or something tricky to go in the junctions between the blocks, but when I made a mock up, I just thought it took away from the main blocks, so I literally scrapped the scraps.  I was also planning on making 12 blocks, but after laying 10 … Continue Reading »

Who knew? Not me….

So I’ve been reading hysteria filled posts for months about the fact that Google Reader is closing down. As I read them, I thought “Hmmm, never heard of it” and wondered for a few seconds each time how I read my blog posts and why it wasn’t on Google Reader?? Fast forward to a few days ago, when a lovely reader commented that they couldn’t find my Bloglovin’ follow button thingy, but added me anyway.  And press that fast forward button again to … Continue Reading »

W.I.P. Wednesday #14

A nice quick post from me today!  I’ve been flat out again, and just returned home after three hours out to find I’d left the sandwich toaster turned on…..oops!  Luckily the house is still standing. Here is some progress on my flying by the seat of my pants quilt.  When I showed my husband the other day as I was adding rows, he asked me what it was?  I told him it was a bucket.  Clearly.  I think what he meant was, why … Continue Reading »

Some Would Say

Some people would say I am a sucker for punishment.  At times, I think I would agree with them!  Often when I think my plate can’t get any fuller, it overflows.  Last Friday, I was reminded by my 14 year old that we had a Japanese student arriving today……For a split second, panic set in, but then moved along.  Until the same 14 year old told me he’d left all the information regarding said Japanese student in his locker at school. After a … Continue Reading »