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W.I.P. Wednesday – Triangles

Something I am yet to have made is a triangle quilt.  Until now.  I started on it yesterday, cutting out triangles upon triangles, but still a gazillion triangles to cut out! I used a template provided by the tutorial I am roughly following, and really was hoping it would be ok! Last night, I took all of said triangles, and laid them out to get an idea of placement.  Then saved them before Bella the cat mistook them for something for her amusement, … Continue Reading »

Sunday Stash #15 – I have Issues

My sewing room – aka The Shoe Box – has issues.  I have issues.  It’s just one big issue. Lack of space.  Lack of will to sort it out. Here is a little virtual tour of my 2m x 3m (approximate size) room…. Looks relatively organised, until you head down to the bottom shelves…. This photo is taken from the doorway of the shoebox, to the right of my sewing desk. Shelves disappearing under the disorganisation of fat quarters, layer cakes and charm … Continue Reading »

Another Freakin Cat Post…..

About five weeks ago, it was brought to my attention that our sweet kitten – Bella – had been visiting one of our neighbours and using their ridiculously huge sandpit as a litter box.  Said neighbour came a door knocking to ask if I had a little black cat with a blue tag (council tag)?  Ummm, yes, I said.  He proceeded to tell me that he had trapped her in his back yard and I should come and get her. WTF? I walked … Continue Reading »

Find Me A Soapbox!!!

I’ve just been aimlessly wandering around Facebook, you know, checking out what everyone’s up to, reading inspirational quotes and looking at cute photos.  And then I see it.  Again.  The word “retard”. Seriously, what year do we live in?  I could almost understand if we were still in 1485…. But we’re not.  It’s 2013, and this word has been well and truly outed as a derogatory term used to call people who have disabilities.  The fact that it is still used so widely … Continue Reading »

T.G.I.F.F. #13 – Paper Pieced

It’s that time of the week again – Finished Friday!  I did manage on almighty finish this week, against some odds that left me cursing and almost crying.  I only tried paper piecing (or foundation piecing depending where you come from I guess?) for the first time last month, and it has sort of got me just a little bit hooked.  You can see my other attempts HERE and HERE.  Last week I had to get my act together and make something for … Continue Reading »

Where I’m At – A Little Old Mental Health Check In

As I sat down this afternoon, to finish off some Ms Midge orders, I felt really bad.  I felt bad because usually I have a reasonably quick turn around on orders.  Most of the time I let customers know that it will be around two weeks from order to delivery, and I can generally get orders sorted within a week – just to surprise everyone!  But lately, things have been very slow, and for that I feel like I need to give a … Continue Reading »

Sign Of The Times?

Do you remember when you were growing up and you’d hear your grandparents say “Back in my day….” or your parents say “when I was a girl…..”?  Do you remember rolling your eyes and thinking “yeh, yeh” and wondering what all the fuss was about?  Thinking that all of them were just old fogies who had no idea about what you were going through, about the type of world you were growing up in?  And thinking “when I’m a parent, I’m NEVER going … Continue Reading »

Not Much of a Muchness

I have been a little quiet here of late.  Not on purpose.  I just really had nothing of interest to add to the blogosphere, nothing that I felt was blog-worthy.  I still really don’t, so I’m having one of those random “open up blogger and blurt out whatever is in your head” kind of moments.  Here I am! Last night our delightful little puppy dog – Hamish – decided he would channel his inner Houdini and escape.  Out in to the darkness, in … Continue Reading »

Day 5 – Otherwise known as “hitting the wall”….

Day 5 of the Kids Week Challenge, and I’m feeling very very challenged.  After a few nights of terrible  sleep tossing and turning, coughing and spluttering, I’ve officially hit the wall.  But of course, I went to work today because I’m a martyr an idiot.  Finally convinced myself an hour ago that I really shouldn’t go to work Saturday and Sunday because A) I can’t swallow and am living on eye drops every two hours AND B) I don’t want to be responsible … Continue Reading »

Whose Bright Idea??

Was it to get another farking cat???!!!!  And who was the farking idiot that agreed to it????  Urghhhhh……. SOMEBODY began campaigning for a kitten back in April.  This somebody had been suckered in by his then soon to be nine year old daughter and her promises of caring and loving a kitten like no other human being in history had before her.  The same somebody then convinced me that it would be a great idea to get above mentioned daughter a kitten for … Continue Reading »