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A Graduation Quilt

Almost one year ago, on a cool New Year’s Eve up on the Murray, my kids were wrapped up in their own quilts and the school principal just happened to be there!  I was asked if I would be interested in making the graduation quilt for 2015?  I actually didn’t even think about it, just said “sure” and left it at that.  Fast forward a couple of months, and I had discussed the plan with teaching staff and waited until the third term … Continue Reading »

2013 – The Year That Was….

In one word – exhausting. If I were to look back at 2013, I would tell you that I got through it.  I landed on my feet – opposed to curling up in a ball.  So I guess I would call it a success? On the creative side of life, it couldn’t have been a better year!  I finished my 20th quilt for the year last weekend, and happily handed it over to my husband’s cousin, for the new little man in her … Continue Reading »

Changing of The Guard – Sans Uterus

I don’t know how many times I have said it, but I’ll say it again – I’m so glad I do not have a uterus anymore.  I usually utter this sentence upon seeing a divine little newborn human being, as I did yesterday whilst at the local shopping centre.  Andrew was sitting next to me in the hairdressers, whilst we were wrangling the four kids and trying our hardest to keep our shit together whilst one niggled at another, and the four year … Continue Reading »

Saturday Night Boogey – The Wedding Edition

Good evening!  I still feel like shit and have been plodding around home all day feeling sorry for myself.  I feel like I have run a marathon and each and every muscle in my body is aching because of it.  Unfortunately I do not run marathons, so cannot use that excuse.  It’s a stoopid virus.  So, instead of being at work tonight as was scheduled, I’m surfing the net.  And I’ve just come across the Saturday Night Bloggers Boogey over at Little White … Continue Reading »

Oh Brother

I have a brother.  This is a fact that is quite easily forgotten by many and will more than likely be news to others.  In fact, I was telling a workmate today about this drafted post and she was rather intrigued about this brother she had not heard of – we have been working together for years.  He is my younger brother by three years.  So a little brother to two big sisters.  When those who know I have a brother, ask me … Continue Reading »

Since When?

Since when did I become OLD???  A couple of things have occurred in my life just recently to beg the question. Exhibit A: I now sport an Lily Munster-inspired grey silver stripe in my hair!!  Since when did my hair colour NOT cover it??  I need a word with my hairdresser…..  And my Mother, whom I believe sports the same fashion statement…… Exhibit B: I have a bevy of medications and supplements to supplement my breakfast.  This makes me think of my grandparents, … Continue Reading »