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Giving Quilts

I make quilts.  I think we can all attest to that fact yes?  And I seem to make quite a few.  Up until recently, I tended to have a decent pile of quilts that were just waiting to be allocated a home, basically because a lot of quilts I make with no other intention other than I want to make it!  Don’t get me wrong – there are quilts in my WIP pile that have a definite purpose.  For example, my Steam Punk … Continue Reading »

What Annoys Me

Each morning, I pour myself a bowl of cereal and come upstairs to check emails and the interwebs.  This morning, I read a blog post from Mia Freedman, over at MamaMia.  And I sat here nodding in agreement, and shaking my head at the poor journalistic efforts of some knob called Joe Aston??  To put it in a nutshell, Mia said “My kids can call me Mummy.  Anyone else who uses it is being a dick.”  And further “Using the term “mummy” as … Continue Reading »

Today’s post is brought to You by the letter E

E for Emotion. Emotion is something I feel a lot of.  All the time.  And today has been a roller coaster of emotions.   From my beautiful catch up with one of my besties this morning, talking about our kids  and the issues we face.  TEARS.   The frustration with Ms Chloe as she relentlessly seeks out food because she is hungry.  GRUMPY.   The annoyance whilst spending over ONE HOUR to vacuum my house. STUFFED.   The amusement that people take pot … Continue Reading »