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Giving Quilts

I make quilts.  I think we can all attest to that fact yes?  And I seem to make quite a few.  Up until recently, I tended to have a decent pile of quilts that were just waiting to be allocated a home, basically because a lot of quilts I make with no other intention other than I want to make it!  Don’t get me wrong – there are quilts in my WIP pile that have a definite purpose.  For example, my Steam Punk … Continue Reading »

Since When?

Since when did I become OLD???  A couple of things have occurred in my life just recently to beg the question. Exhibit A: I now sport an Lily Munster-inspired grey silver stripe in my hair!!  Since when did my hair colour NOT cover it??  I need a word with my hairdresser…..  And my Mother, whom I believe sports the same fashion statement…… Exhibit B: I have a bevy of medications and supplements to supplement my breakfast.  This makes me think of my grandparents, … Continue Reading »

How to Say Goodbye?

This weekend past was one worth treasuring.  Both of my boys played their first games of basketball, Cadyn was a superstar, and revelled in every minute.  Lochie, at the age of 13, was a little anxious, but held his own on the court and made me proud that he was starting a sport when most other boys had played for years.  My girls made me smile as we talked about sleepovers and friends.  Sunday brought a family outing to Ikea, and excitement at … Continue Reading »

Another Nanna Post

You may have read this is some form, somewhere, somehow on some sort of technological gadget, but I only received this via email today.  So, sticking to my seemingly Nanna-like behaviour of late, I am going to share it with you.  It literally made me laugh out loud.  I am also going to copy and paste it on to the 13 year old’s Facebook and may even “tag” all of his friends in it?  Or would that make me REALLY look like a … Continue Reading »