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The Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sew Along – #42 Heather – Paper Piecing Tips!

Today is my second stop on the Farmer’s Wife 1930’s juggernaut, and I’ve been allocated the lovely Heather – number 42.  I have an admission to make – I haven’t read many of the letters in the book so far.  But when I opened the book up to find this block, I found the letter most fitting – given it is school holidays here in Melbourne, and my kids are home! “Dear Editor: On a particular trying day last spring while I was … Continue Reading »

The Bee Hive – Shine Bright

Like a diamond!  You know, Rhianna and all that?  #earworm Welcome to my turn on the great Bee Hive Quilt Block Tutorial Series by Blossom Heart Quilts!  I was thrilled when Alyce asked me wayyyyyyyy back at the beginning of the year if I’d be interested in joining in.  I actually got to work straight away with my design, basically by playing around with different shapes.  In the end, I had a quilt block I really loved, which has an “aztec” feel about … Continue Reading »

London Calling!

It’s finished!   I feel like this quilt has taken me FOREVER, but in reality, it’s just been a process of patience and lots of love.  It all started in April, when it was my turn to be Queen in our paper piecing Wombat Stew bee.  I knew I had lots of quilts to make for 40th birthdays in the coming 12 months, so tried to think of one in particular that could use some paper piecing blocks.  It didn’t take me long … Continue Reading »

Sew Cute Tuesday – Sneaking It In

A very late night sneaky post – direct from my IG feed.  Just a few little things I’ve managed to tick off my list the last five days….. London Calling has another block.  I’m loving this Umbrella that Kristy so kindly upsized her pattern for me! This month’s Wombat Stew Queen – Marieka – gave us a link to a bunch of fabulous free paper piecing patterns to choose from for her.  I chose THIS one.  I love bright colours against dark grey. … Continue Reading »

Anything Goes Monday!

Whilst I haven’t been blogging a whole lot lately, I have been incredibly busy here!  I’ve been working very hard on a couple of secret squirrel projects, as well as some not so secret ones.  Like these….. My youngest, Chloe, turned six a week ago, and so began a Mermaid-fest!  My heart melted when I asked her what she would like for her birthday, and she replied “a mermaid doll and I want you to make me something, like a cushion or clothes … Continue Reading »

Making It Work – A Lesson In Patience

I’ve been channelling Tim Gunn this past few days (Project Runway for those of you scratching your head), and have babbled “make it work” on more than a few occasions.  You see, my darling Bernina came very close to being thrown through my wall on Friday, after repeatedly snapping threads and just being an all round biatch of a machine.  After the 542nd thread snap, I snapped.  And turned to my IG friends, asking for advice……  Which lead to Gemma texting me instructions … Continue Reading »

Modern Medallion Quilt Along – Week One

This week has brought the beginning of the Modern Medallion Quilt Along!  And for those of you playing along, I thought I’d give you a quick rundown of how the first step of this pattern went for me, along with a couple of tips/pointers. First of all – make sure if you are using low volume fabrics in your quilt that you have a TONNE of them!  I was really worried about not having enough, until I did my fabric pull and found … Continue Reading »

T.G.I.F.F. – Small Projects – Large Impact

It’s 8.28pm on a Friday night.  I’m frozen to the bones after watching a great grand final of cricket for my son’s under 12 team (which they unfortunately lost), in the very chilly weather.  The kids are all in bed, the husband is watching the footy and I’m going to punch this blog post out fast and furious in order to go and park myself in front of the television, to watch some undoubtedly shady episode of crap. So here goes……..  Three small … Continue Reading »

New York Beauty

The Wombat Stew paper piecing bee is rolling on for 2014.  February is Gemma’s turn as Queen, and after much thought, she threw us a curly challenge!  A slightly open ended one at that.  Gemma asked us all very kindly if we would make her a New York Beauty block………….   **crickets**  After the initial shock, horror and gasp – we all agreed.  Then hit Pinterest!  I found a multitude of amazing blocks, in all shapes, colours and sizes.  Then stepped away cross-eyed and … Continue Reading »

Sweet Pouch Swap Finale!

I returned home yesterday from four days away to a lovely email from my new friend Barbara in Germany.  She received her Sweet Pouch Swap package!  So now, I can show you what was made and sent….   I took quite some time deciding what I would actually make for Barbara.  I realllllllly wanted to use one of my decorative zips, but was struggling to work out how.  In the end, I just pulled a Tim Gunn and “made it work”!  I opened … Continue Reading »