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Sew Cute Tuesday – Literally!

Today I finished what I think is possibly THE CUTEST cushion EVER!  I gave you a hint the other night, to expect woodland creatures, but MANNNNNNNN!  Here……look!! This is a custom order for a lovely customer of mine, who wanted something special for her little man’s first birthday.  When she said her son’s bedroom was decorated in a woodland theme, I knew exactly which pattern to go for!  I showed her the link to the hedgehog pattern by Quiet Play, and she came … Continue Reading »

A Wedding Gift & The End Of An Era

You know what I love?  I love when I make something and post a photo on my Facebook page, that someone else loves it too and immediately orders one!  That’s exactly what happened a couple of weeks ago when I finished the ring bearer’s cushion for my brother-in-law’s upcoming wedding! The customer requested specific fabric for the cushion – which I had none of!  Lucky for me, I’m in a few fabulous FB groups, and put a call out for scraps of Sugar … Continue Reading »

Weekly Round Up

We are nearly half way through the Summer school holidays here.  And this week – Summer arrived!  We’ve had a very unseasonally cool few weeks, so we have taken advantage of the sun and heat and spent some time outdoors.  I thought I would share some evidence of such frivolity….. We don’t get to the beach much, it’s a minimum 30 minute drive, but one of my best friends lives down near the sea, so we traipsed down there!  It was brilliant! Chloe … Continue Reading »

The Ring Bearer’s Cushion

Today I began and finished the first project for 2014.  It was something I had on my to-do list for quite some time, and given the date it is required for is only a matter of weeks away, I needed to get it ticked off!  Success…. My youngest brother-in-law and his gorgeous fiance are to be married in February, and our three youngest children will be in the bridal party.  Cadyn is the ring bearer, and needs a ring cushion.  So, naturally, I … Continue Reading »

In The Right Direction – A Quilt

I am very happy to say I’ve just finished another quilt!  Unlike a lot of my projects, which are done and dusted within a week or so, this darling quilt was a long time in thinking before even being made.  And once I started it, took a couple of months.  BUT it’s finished!  So without further ado, may I present “In The Right Direction”…… This project started out with the aim of being a queen size quilt, but changed to throw size part … Continue Reading »

Paper Pieced Cushion & Machine Binding Tutorial

I hope you’re enjoying the Cushion For Christmas Blog Hop! Today is day 10 and if you head over to On The Windy Side, you will find Adrienne’s fabulous quilted Christmas Cushion! Now – today I have another tutorial for you – How I machine bind….I use this same method for my quilts, for many reasons, but mostly because A. I don’t hand sew AND B. I don’t hand sew…..When it came time to bind my first ever real quilt, I searched the … Continue Reading »

T.G.I.F.F. – Catching Up on Bee Blocks & Stuff!

I spent most of Wednesday catching up on my bee blocks!  I felt like I was starting to drown in them, so knocked them all out….. Our Queen Bee for Wombat Stew last month was Lara.  She is going to have THE most gorgeous Houses quilt EVER!  Now, take away the fact that the door fabric is wrong way, ummmm, this block is perfect!  I will be sending some of the fabric for Lara to hopefully just appliqué on the top.  I only … Continue Reading »

Fairytale Finish

Hoorah for a Fairytale Finish!  I’ve taken lots of pretty pictures for you all…… As you can see, I made my fairytale blocks in to a wall hanging.  I wanted to make something for my god daughter in Tokyo, and have already made her a quilt (only a rag quilt, she will get a “real” quilt very soon!) and cushion, so checked with her Mummy that she liked fairytales (she’s 2.5 – OF COURSE she likes fairytales!), and was also told she had nothing on … Continue Reading »

Fairytales Continued….

Last week, I shared with you the beginnings of a new project.  I kept plugging away at it, and have now finished all the blocks required!   Sleeping Beauty – She was super tricky!!  Pattern by Quiet Play.   Cinderella in her pauper days…… She looks like she could be the Grim Reaper’s long lost cousin, but it really is a mop!  Oh, and I messed up with her hairline…..Just one teeny tiny little piece!  Pattern by Quiet Play.   And last, but … Continue Reading »

W.I.P. Wednesday – Not For The Faint Hearted…..

I shared with you on Friday that I was a little addicted to paper piecing.  My decision on the weekend to start yet ANOTHER project, another PAPER PIECED project has just confirmed that I am completely NUTS!!! You see, my friend Gina, who I “met” when we became Wombat Stew girls, is putting together the most divine Fairytale quilt known to man woman.  You can see the progress of her quilt HERE.  And when she showed us a sneak peek at the finished … Continue Reading »