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A Bag From Numbers – Tutorial (of sorts!)

Whilst I was in Queensland last month, I had to pleasure of catching up with my Tokyo BFF, and her lovely family.  Lucky for me, her gorgeous little girl also just happens to be my God Daughter!  Anyway, at the end of our weekend, after she had handed over the MOTHER LOAD of fabric, she got out her notepad and pen and wrote a little list of things her little boy required for Kindergarten. It’s been living in my handbag pocket, and survived … Continue Reading »

Living with It.

Since Chloe started Kindergarten a few weeks ago, I have been blessed with a rather abundant amount of “me time”.  Now I’m not telling you to make you jealous (although I would have been if I read that sentence a year ago!), nor any other reason.  I’ve embraced me time, and have avoided doing anything remotely close to housework as much as I can.  Except for laundry.  There’s just no avoiding that.  Especially when there’s six loads of it piled high in your … Continue Reading »

A Chicken Pox Survival Guide – According to Me

I am hoping and praying (as I’m sure you are!) that this will be my last EVER post on chicken pox!  The past 20 days has taught me soooo much about the pox I thought I should share.  If you ever have the joyful absolutely painful task of dealing with THREE poxy children in as many weeks, you too will write your own survival guide – if in fact you survive!  So here goes: 1. When your child shows you a spot, and … Continue Reading »