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Sunday Stash & Dash

It’s a Sunday “quickie” today!  I had a delivery from Hawthorne Threads a couple of weeks ago, which was a joint order between a few Aussie Charm Swappers and myself!  You’ll see a bit of a theme here….. Yard cuts of a variety of Bari J prints!  These have all now been sliced and diced ready to add to the Bari J #aussiecharmswap. And whilst I was ordering, I made the most of the joint order!  I grabbed that grey and white print … Continue Reading »

HAWKS Aussie Heroes Quilt Tutorial

I promised you a tutorial, and I’m keeping my promise!  This is a fairly simple quilt to whip up, and if you ever want to make an Aussie Hero Quilt, (or a quilt for service men/women from your country!) then this will give you the perfect measurements.  If you wish to make it bigger, then of course, just make some more blocks to add to the width and/or length!  But for today’s tutorial, we will end up with a quilt measuring 42″ x … Continue Reading »

The Bee Hive – Shine Bright

Like a diamond!  You know, Rhianna and all that?  #earworm Welcome to my turn on the great Bee Hive Quilt Block Tutorial Series by Blossom Heart Quilts!  I was thrilled when Alyce asked me wayyyyyyyy back at the beginning of the year if I’d be interested in joining in.  I actually got to work straight away with my design, basically by playing around with different shapes.  In the end, I had a quilt block I really loved, which has an “aztec” feel about … Continue Reading »

Lizzy House Meadow Tour!

A couple of months ago, the lovely Bec @skyberries contacted me to ask for a little help with something.  She was organising for Lizzy House to bring her Meadow Tour to Australia, and would I be able to help her out on the Melbourne leg?  Ummmmm – Sure! So, it is with great excitement that I share with you, the details of Lizzy’s Down Under tour – coming to a city near you in September/October 2015.  Registrations for classes open today at 6pm … Continue Reading »

Fast & Furious

The Festival of Forties has literally taken over my life these past few weeks……My best friends and I are all turning 40 over the next 12 months, and the first two are now done and dusted!  So between parties, Cuban Jazz Festivals and a WHOLE weekend child free in Sydney – there hasn’t been much sewing getting done!  I’ve also been very blessed with the company of another best friend, who arrived here on Friday for a long weekend with us! Anyway…… Monday … Continue Reading »

Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Original Design – Charm Dash

I am entering a second quilt in to the Blogger’s Quilt Festival!  I am very proud of my Charm Dash quilt – given it is my first ever released Pattern – so I am entering it in to the Original Design category!   Those of you who have been around here for a while would know I released my Charm Dash pattern about a month ago, but for those of you who are new here (You’ll find some captivating information about me and … Continue Reading »

Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Large Quilt – Pavement Puddles

I’m being very brave and throwing my hat quilt in the ring Blogger’s Quilt Festival!  If you’re new here to my blog – WELCOME!  You’ll find some captivating information about me and my work up there in the “Who is Ms Midge” section  ^^^^ I have a lot of quilts, yes, but the quilt I’m putting forward for the Large Quilt category is my  Pavement Puddles….. I designed this quilt under a little bit of pressure – from myself mostly – to come … Continue Reading »

Winner Winner – Tokyo Dinner!

I know, I know – It’s supposed to be winner, winner, chicken dinner – but I couldn’t help myself!  You see, whilst this post is popping up on my FB page, your inbox or wherever else you read my posts – I’m in the air on my way to Tokyo!  I am currently sitting here on the computer at home, having just finished my lunch after a last minute dash to my son’s high school to – ahemmm – sort out some “stuff”. … Continue Reading »

Going Plum Crazy

One thing I have found throughout this quilting world of ours, is how very giving quilty friends can be!  My lovely friend Laura from Quokka Quilts released her very own pattern last week – PLUM CRAZY – and on the same day, shared the news of my pattern release!  Now how nice is that? So in the spirit of friendship, I’m sharing right back!  Laura’s quilt pattern is a great fat quarter buster and if you check out some of her pattern testers … Continue Reading »

Charm Dash Pattern Testers & A Giveaway!

Thank you to everyone who gave me such wonderful feedback and encouragement on the release on my first ever quilt pattern – Charm Dash!  I was a little overwhelmed by everyone’s kind words and even more overwhelmed that some of you actually bought it!  Hoorah!  If you missed my post last week, then you can check it out HERE.  And just because we all love pretty pictures, here is the pattern cover photo…. Now, in case you don’t know, getting a pattern ready … Continue Reading »