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July’s #aussieaurifilclub Bundle – by Pretty Bobbins

It seems in the post holiday excitement last week, I forgot to publish my #aussieaurifilclub bundle post!  Sorry! For those of you who have been eagerly awaiting the delicious colour choices from July’s blogger, you won’t be disappointed…. Gemma from Pretty Bobbins has an amazing eye for colour, and always puts in to use in her quilting!  This curated bundle literally reads “Gemma”.  Aptly named “Capital Colours”, after her beloved city of Canberra, the bold hues jump out at you and literally BEG … Continue Reading »

I Quilt – Party Over Here!

Truth be told – I’m feeling like a bit of a blog-hosting-hussy of late!  But a blog friend has to do what a blog friend has to do……  And tonight, Ms Gemma from Pretty Bobbins is feeling rather poorly, so the I Quilt party is being held here!  Go throw your quilts in the air and shake em like you just don’t care!  Ok, maybe not….. Lucky for you I managed to stop off at the local park this afternoon, dodged the rain … Continue Reading »

Wee Wander Finish & A Little Deep & Meaningful

It’s taken me a couple of weeks to get around to binding this baby, but today was the day!  I ended up getting some blue Robert Kaufman dots that co-ordinated perfectly with Wee Wander and frames this little quilt beautifully. I got very motivated this afternoon after finishing it, and raided Chloe’s bedroom for some baby-ish props for my little photo shoot!  Although this quilt started out as “just a quilt”, after I had quilted it – my feathers/leaves/whatever they are – I … Continue Reading »

A Wedding Gift & The End Of An Era

You know what I love?  I love when I make something and post a photo on my Facebook page, that someone else loves it too and immediately orders one!  That’s exactly what happened a couple of weeks ago when I finished the ring bearer’s cushion for my brother-in-law’s upcoming wedding! The customer requested specific fabric for the cushion – which I had none of!  Lucky for me, I’m in a few fabulous FB groups, and put a call out for scraps of Sugar … Continue Reading »

Weekly Round up #2 – The Heat Wave Edition

As I sit here with leggings on (don’t judge me – my top is covering my arse) and revel in the cool breeze, I can look back on the week that was and say “THANK GOD THAT IS OVER!”  You see, us Melbournians (and a few other parts of Oz) suffered through an exhausting week.  Five days in a row over 40 degrees (104+ farenheit) and we were all pretty much ready to crawl in to a rabbit hole and expire.  Thankfully the … Continue Reading »

Honey Honey Framed

First of all – HELLO to all the new peeps on board!  I truly have read each and everyone’s comments on my Blog HOp with Giveaways post!  The blog hop has finished now, and I will announce a winner tomorrow, so be sure to check back in!  And now, on to more important business……… I finished!  This project has been one I ended up procrastinating about.  That does not happen often around here….  BUT – I quilted the first half a couple of … Continue Reading »

The Go To Gift

A few weeks ago, I started thinking stressing freaking out about what the make the kids teachers for Christmas gifts.  Once I remembered I still had SIX WEEKS (cue the hyperventilating), I relaxed and put some proper thought in to it. Fast forward to today – and I had only a few “have to sew” things in the morning, and once I’d ticked them off, I got down to the task of the first teacher’s gift.  My “go to gift” – a cushion. … Continue Reading »

Isosceles On Point – A Triangle Quilt

I’m incredibly proud to do the big reveal of my triangles quilt! As you well know, this project has taken me longer than usual, and has made me use my brain considerably more than usual. But it’s done! And dusted! And delivered! I’ve called it “Isosceles On Point”, because of the 338 triangles and their beautiful points. Enjoy……. I was somewhat surprised that it ended up relatively “square” when it was finished. Those pesky little half triangles down the side of the quilt … Continue Reading »

Fairytale Finish

Hoorah for a Fairytale Finish!  I’ve taken lots of pretty pictures for you all…… As you can see, I made my fairytale blocks in to a wall hanging.  I wanted to make something for my god daughter in Tokyo, and have already made her a quilt (only a rag quilt, she will get a “real” quilt very soon!) and cushion, so checked with her Mummy that she liked fairytales (she’s 2.5 – OF COURSE she likes fairytales!), and was also told she had nothing on … Continue Reading »

W.I.P. Wednesday #10 – Did I Hear You Say Dresden??

Say what??  Up until maybe six months ago I had no idea what the heck a dresden was.  And up until yesterday morning I had no intention of ever making one.  They just looked too. damn. hard.  But looky here…… I decided I “needed” to make a cushion cover for a gift.  So I got out the Sarah Fielke fat quarter bundles I bought the other week, and cut in to them.  I had seen this design over at Pretty Bobbins, so used … Continue Reading »