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Lizzy House Meadow Tour – Down Under!

Many months ago, Bec from Skyberries contacted me and asked if I’d help her organising the Melbourne leg of Lizzy House’s Meadow Tour?  Ummmm, yeh!  I accepted the challenge, and after months of organising, we welcomed Lizzy to Melbourne last week!  Lizzy held a trunk show and lecture, hosted by the Melbourne MQG on Friday night – which you can read about HERE – and on Saturday morning, I left home bright and early and headed for the city to collect Lizzy for … Continue Reading »

#quiltblockstohealviolence – Quilting For A Cause

If you live in Australia, you would no doubt be aware we are at crisis point when it comes to violence against women and families.  If you live overseas – I’m pretty certain that even if you are not aware of our crisis here, that someone in your vicinity, someone is a victim of such violence.  Now, I’m not one to get “political” here on the blog, but I’m a pretty emotional human being and am not afraid to stand up for what … Continue Reading »

DIY Block Design by Alyce Blyth

One of my very best quilty friends – Alyce – has published her own book!  And even better than that headline, is that it’s a DIY Quilt Block Design book!  Alyce teaches you in the book, about the mathematics of quilt block design, which will help you to design your very own quilts! So on top of being really excited for her, I was even more excited when she asked if I would like to share my own block designing tips!  The excitement … Continue Reading »

Heather Ross Mini Quilt Swap

Many months ago, the call went out for interest in a Heather Ross Mini Quilt Swap.  I hummed and ahhed over it, then decided I HAD to  participate!  I mean, I’ve been collecting HR here and there over the past few years, and still hadn’t really done anything with it, so this was the perfect opportunity!  But with the acceptance of taking part came the realisation I had to decide what to make!  This took far longer….. In the end, I couldn’t go … Continue Reading »

Snapshots – Cotton + Steel Charm-along Quilt!

The Cotton + Steel charm-along is half way through now, and I’m pleased to say I have a finish!  May I introduce to you – Snapshots! When it came to using these delicious prints, I truly did  not want to chop them up, because there are just so many fun characters and elements to a lot of them – I mean, who wants half a horse on their quilt?  Not me! I ordered the divine grey Sprinkle print – by C+S – during … Continue Reading »

TGIFF – Splice

This reveal has been a long time coming!  My Splice quilt has been finished for a few weeks now, but given Melbourne’s hideous weather and the fact I didn’t want to photograph it when Cadyn was home – it took until yesterday to get it out and shot!  We had a divine sunny day, probably a little too sunny for photography, but I ran out in the front yard, pegged it to the neighbour’s fence, and got it done…. This fabulous project began … Continue Reading »

T.G.I.F.F. – I’ve Created A Monster

About two weeks ago, my 12 year old daughter – Chelsea – came to me and said she wanted to make a quilt for her best friend’s 13th birthday.  Right, I said.  When is said friend’s birthday?  Two weeks…….  Right.  Lucky for me, I just happen to have a couple of great charm square sets just hanging out on my shelves!  So I wandered down to my sewing room, whipped out my Amy Butler set (from our #aussiecharmswap before Christmas last  year) and presented … Continue Reading »

Kiss-Cross Quilt – Heather Bailey Charm-Along

Hosting a number of designer #aussiecharmswap rounds per year means I also get to host Charm-alongs!  Which inevitably ends with me wracking my brain for new ideas to use 5″ squares.  When the Heather Bailey swap had ended, my brain started processing the colours, and I tried to think of something a little different.  It was then I had the “bright” idea to chop up each 5″ square, insert some grey shot cotton, and sew them all back together again – giving me … Continue Reading »

Giving Quilts

I make quilts.  I think we can all attest to that fact yes?  And I seem to make quite a few.  Up until recently, I tended to have a decent pile of quilts that were just waiting to be allocated a home, basically because a lot of quilts I make with no other intention other than I want to make it!  Don’t get me wrong – there are quilts in my WIP pile that have a definite purpose.  For example, my Steam Punk … Continue Reading »

Lizzy House Meadow Tour!

A couple of months ago, the lovely Bec @skyberries contacted me to ask for a little help with something.  She was organising for Lizzy House to bring her Meadow Tour to Australia, and would I be able to help her out on the Melbourne leg?  Ummmmm – Sure! So, it is with great excitement that I share with you, the details of Lizzy’s Down Under tour – coming to a city near you in September/October 2015.  Registrations for classes open today at 6pm … Continue Reading »