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2015 – In A Nutshell

A fabulous hashtag took over Instagram this week – #bestnine2015 – which chooses nine photos on your IG account with the most “likes”.  I jumped on the band wagon, and was reminded of some wonderful projects made, and received, this year…. Granted – A few of these projects are not mine!  The delightful pink mini was made for me by Sheila, Chelsea made her own quilt, the #sewingforsydney quilt top and that stunning AMH quilt mid-left is by Laurelle!  But sharing is caring … Continue Reading »

Rollercoasters & Rainbows

Ever feel like your life is a literal rollercoaster?  Yep, me too!  These past few weeks have been filled with lots of highs, with a few lows thrown in for good luck…..  Here’s a little snippet from this past week….. I headed in to the city last Saturday to not only meet up with a cousin I hadn’t seen for 25 years, but also then met up with my Mum and daughters to make a visit to the Shrine of Remembrance.  I’ve lived … Continue Reading »

Sew Cute Tuesday – Back To My Regular Schedule

As I gently re-enter my regular routine, I’ve returned to gift sewing.  You see, I worked my proverbial butt off over January, doing what we call “sleepover shifts” during the school holidays, so I could be home with the kids.  Once the kids headed back to school, I had a glorious ten days off work to get this house, and my sewing, back in to order!  So today, I’m sharing a few goodies I managed to get sorted….. A few weeks ago, I … Continue Reading »

Sew Box Subscriptions – A Review

Last month, the brains behind Sew Box Subscriptions – Leesa – emailed me to ask if I would like to receive a preview box, in exchange for a review, for her new business?  “Sure” I said, not really knowing what it was all about!  I then did a little investigating so that I had some idea of what I’d got myself in for! Fast forward to this week, and this lovely looking box was delivered to my door…..   Isn’t she pretty?  I … Continue Reading »

My Super Tote!

In keeping with the 2014 theme of “throw lots of balls up in the air and juggle them”, I started yet another project the other day, and finished it at late-o’clock last night!  It’s my Super Tote!  Now, to be honest, I’d worked myself up a bit about the Super Tote.  I had put it in the “this is going to be difficult” basket and was a little bit scared.  But I’m here to tell you – it’s actually relatively easy!  Once you … Continue Reading »

W.I.P. Wednesday – Warp & Weft Woes

Despite having a tantrum throwing sewing machine this past week and a bit, I have actually managed to get quite a bit done.  I am also happy to say that I think I may have figured out the cause of before mentioned tantrums from said machine – Inferior fabric.  Yes, I did just say that.  I am not a fabric snob – never have been, never will be.  BUT.  The project I was working on when my machine decided to lose its bananas … Continue Reading »

Making It Work – A Lesson In Patience

I’ve been channelling Tim Gunn this past few days (Project Runway for those of you scratching your head), and have babbled “make it work” on more than a few occasions.  You see, my darling Bernina came very close to being thrown through my wall on Friday, after repeatedly snapping threads and just being an all round biatch of a machine.  After the 542nd thread snap, I snapped.  And turned to my IG friends, asking for advice……  Which lead to Gemma texting me instructions … Continue Reading »

Day 6 – Cushion for Christmas & T.G.I.F.F.

The lovely Fiona @ Finding Fifth is hosting today’s stop on the Cushion for Christmas Blog Hop – she’s got some gorgeous Christmas star cushions to share! In other news……Melbourne’s “Summer” is proving to be ridiculously ridiculous!  I have been suffering terribly with hay fever and driving myself and everyone else crazy with my sneezing, sniffing, rubbing of eyes and itching of throat and ears.  I’ve drugged myself up to my eyeballs, and am only starting to get a little relief today.  Although … Continue Reading »

Sew Cute Tuesday – Quick & Easy Projects!

Some of you may remember I received a huge addition to my stash earlier this year?  Take a look HERE to refresh your memories! Well, this past week has seen me cut in to some of the more treasured prints from my Japanese haul.  These are just a couple of them…… I made this gorgeous zippered pouch using THIS fabulous tutorial by Noodlehead.  I tried making one last year and failed miserably, so was VERY chuffed with myself this time round.  The fabric … Continue Reading »

An Isosceles Puzzle – Tips for Making a Triangle Quilt

 When I was asked to make my Isosceles on Point quilt, I was very helpfully pointed towards THIS tutorial/pattern.  This was the inspiration Larissa had found – which was very helpful indeed!  It was great to get an idea of what I was in for, however, it was  quite basic, and didn’t really answer all the questions I had in this new triangle world I found myself in.  And it seems that I’m not alone.  A lot of you asked for tips and … Continue Reading »