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Star Crossed – Waterfront Park

If you’ve been around these parts a while, you may remember I fell madly in love with Violetcraft’s Waterfront Park last year?  I ordered my bundle, received it, and swiftly turned it in to a quilt top…….. I even got halfway through making the quilt back.  But for some reason (known to me – the quilt top was a tad wonky) it languished in my WIP pile for far too long. Fast forward to this week. And she is complete!  I am still … Continue Reading »

Wordless WIP Wednesday…..On A Thursday

Almost….. This was cut out and placed on my design floor Saturday night.  And pieced together Sunday afternoon.  Can’t. Wait. To. Quilt. It.     I’m linking up with Freshly Pieced – You can too!

W.I.P. Wednesday – Star Crossed

I’d like to put “lovers” after the star crossed, but that really wouldn’t make sense!  Anyway, I’d love to share with you my almost finished Waterfront Park quilt top!  I finished the 20th and final block for it a few days ago, but have been busy with orders, so didn’t get around to putting it together.  Until today… ** Warning – ordinary photos from my iPhone due to major laziness ** I am completely and utterly in love with this……and am so glad … Continue Reading »

New Year – New W.I.P’s!

Happy New Year!  I hope you spent it with family and friends wherever you were!  We braved the trains and crowds, and headed in to the city for the early fireworks – and it was well worth it!    ‘Twas a bit sunny at first!   The gathering was held on the grounds outside the MCG – perfect slopes for child rolling!   And the wait for the toilet line was far longer than the ten minutes of fireworks!  But it was fantastic! … Continue Reading »