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Sunday Stash – I’m Not Dead

Oh hi there!  Remember Me?  I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t! Firstly – apologies for my apparent disappearing act.  It’s a really long and (mostly) boring story, that I will get the gumption to write a post about one day.  But basically, I’ve been super busy. Secondly – Part of that busy period has been spent in Tasmania!  I took my Mum away for a week of day tripping around our Apple Isle, to celebrate her 70th birthday.  I’ve been there twice … Continue Reading »

Sunday Stash & Dash

It’s a Sunday “quickie” today!  I had a delivery from Hawthorne Threads a couple of weeks ago, which was a joint order between a few Aussie Charm Swappers and myself!  You’ll see a bit of a theme here….. Yard cuts of a variety of Bari J prints!  These have all now been sliced and diced ready to add to the Bari J #aussiecharmswap. And whilst I was ordering, I made the most of the joint order!  I grabbed that grey and white print … Continue Reading »

Sunday Stash – Hostess with the Mostess!

When your quilty friend tells you they’re up to pussy’s bow in glitter (Ok, so their schedule is bursting!) and they need you to fill their shoes, you go out and get yourself some All Stars, pour yourself a drink and prepare to be Hostess with the Mostess! Molli is busy this weekend, so you have me to guide you through your Sunday Stash! I’m almost embarrassed to say I have a few little goodies to show you this week.  There’s been a … Continue Reading »

Sunday Stash – Re-Stocking

It’s not often I order from overseas anymore, given the dire state of our dollar and also the ummmmmmm, dire state of my sewing room….. BUT…… when I saw Pink Castle Fabrics had a 30% off sale, I took advantage of it!  I had the order open on my computer for a few days, ensuring I was CERTAIN of the choices I’d made, and then pressed GO!  It arrived last week, and I was very excited….. I re-stocked my Cotton + Steel stash, … Continue Reading »

Sunday Stash – Merry Christmas to Me!

After many months of self-control, I recently made a couple of purchases I really didn’t “need”, but certainly WANTED!  The first of which arrived this past week….. Let me introduce you to Lizzy House’s “The Lovely Hunt”.  I’d admired the colour palette of this range for quite some time, so when I saw it on Massdrop, I sort of, kind of, jumped on it! I mean, look at those colours!  I have absolutely no idea what will be done with them, but I’m … Continue Reading »

Sunday Stash – Fabric Therapy – Literally

I know we quilters have all used the term “fabric therapy” before.  I’ve thrown it around in the past, describing how fabric can lift my spirits and just looking through my stash can brighten my day.  Today’s stash post is literally about the therapeutic value my latest trip to a store had… You see, last week was kind of full on.  Actually, it was an exhausting few days in the middle, which I have coined “operation starting from scratch”.  My dear Dad lives … Continue Reading »

Sunday Stash – Self Control All But Gone….

It would be a fair statement to say that I have been fairly well controlled in the fabric buying stakes this year.  In fact, I’ve been so impressed with my lack of purchases that I can happily justify it when I DO go fabric shopping.  But it truly hasn’t happened much.  Lately.  Sort of. Ahemm.  I’ve hit a little hiccup in self control, and this past week or so has seen quite a number of little parcels entering my stash.  I’m fessing up….. … Continue Reading »

Sunday Stash – Surprise Finds

If you are a regular at Spotlight, then you would be aware they send out 40% off one item coupons now and then?  It’s not hard to find something to spend them on, but I usually try and find something that is worthy of such a discount!  Last week, I headed in hoping to find my favourite grey shot cottons, and if they had them – I would have bought myself five metres!  But alas, everyone seems to have cottoned on to them … Continue Reading »

Sunday Stash- Threadology

The #aussieaurifilclub has just shipped its fifth month!  Which means my thread stash has slightly self-combusted!  This is not a bad thing.  I repeat – NOT a bad thing!  What IS a bad thing, is my running out of room….. I bought this fabulous thread rack a couple of months ago, and as you can see, it’s full! So, I got myself another!  I just need to get out and spray paint it white, then hang it directly above the other.  Perfect!  If … Continue Reading »

Sunday Stash – Planning Ahead

In the preparation for my Farmer’s Wife quiltathon, I very cleverly joined forces with two other Melbourne participants, and put in a HUGE order with The Fat Quarter Shop!  Last week, the big box of yummy fabric arrived, and my portion is this: A mega bundle of Cotton + Steel Basics!  I will be pairing these with my already impressive collection of C+S prints, to hopefully create a really fabulous version of the FW quilt! I just adores the entire column spectrum in … Continue Reading »