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What To Expect When You’re Expecting….. Swaps

Lately, my Instagram feed seems to be filled with the activity that surrounds the millions of swaps happening!  From the #aussiecharmswap to the #selfishswap…… there’s Downton Abbey swaps, Tula Swaps – you name it, people are swapping it!  There are also the ever popular quilting bees, which are basically swaps with a little more direction in most cases.  What all of this means is that there are a lot of parcels being directed all over the world to partners who have no idea … Continue Reading »

Sweet Pouch Swap Finale!

I returned home yesterday from four days away to a lovely email from my new friend Barbara in Germany.  She received her Sweet Pouch Swap package!  So now, I can show you what was made and sent….   I took quite some time deciding what I would actually make for Barbara.  I realllllllly wanted to use one of my decorative zips, but was struggling to work out how.  In the end, I just pulled a Tim Gunn and “made it work”!  I opened … Continue Reading »