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Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Swoon Bed Quilt

A big thank you to Amy’s Creative Side for organising the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, so those of us who can’t get to Quilt Market have something to get excited about!  I’ve decided to enter my most beloved Swoon in to the Bed Quilt category.  You can see the original post HERE.  I will have another post shortly for my second entry 🙂 Those of you who have been around here for a while would have seen many a blog post about this quilt, … Continue Reading »

The BIG Swoon Reveal!

The day has finally come – I can share my biggest finish with you all!  That’s right – my Swoon is done and dusted!  I managed to bind it on the weekend, and Saturday night, got my little minions to work, using muscles they never thought they had.  This baby is HEAVY!  I could have waited for delightful sunshine and dry skies – but you wouldn’t have seen photos of it for about a month – Melbourne’s Winter is in full force at … Continue Reading »

T.G.I.F.F. – Circa is Finito!

Hoorah!  Another finish!  I put the binding on this baby yesterday morning and had it washed and dried by afternoon.  Unfortunately the lighting in our neck of the woods was atrocious, so the beautiful gem tones of the Circa fabrics just aren’t showing as well as they could be.  But here she is…. I’m not usually one to wash a quilt before it finds a new home, but given that I used chalk stencils and hairspray whilst quilting, it was in desperate need … Continue Reading »

Fresh Sewing Day – July Round Up!

It would be fair to say that I’ve had a pretty big month!  In fact, it’s the biggest July I have EVER had in my life!  Apart from all the interesting side stories happening, I managed to sew up an absolute storm hurricane.  It truly is amazing how much you can get done when you put your mind to it AND desperately use sewing as therapy!  Here’s a little old round up for you…… Clockwise from top left: My first Fat Quarter Shop … Continue Reading »

T.G.I.F.F. – The One Where My Swoon Gets Sent Packing…..

Remember this photo from Wednesday? Well, it now has a beautiful pieced backing to go with it….. When I bought the yardage for this backing – from The Intrepid Thread – I was not really sold on the print.  I mean, there are sooooo many divine prints in the Notting Hill range, but all of my first choices (yes, you can have more than one first choice!) were too low in stock and would not be able to accommodate this 90″ beauty!  So … Continue Reading »

W.I.P. Wednesday – Swoon Half Done

I’m practically jumping out of my skin with excitement!  Today I finished my Swoon quilt top!  And I’m almost finished the back.  Yeeee-hahhhhh! I had planned on using the huge amount of scraps to make little stars or something tricky to go in the junctions between the blocks, but when I made a mock up, I just thought it took away from the main blocks, so I literally scrapped the scraps.  I was also planning on making 12 blocks, but after laying 10 … Continue Reading »

My Latest Obsession

My habit of not letting a project sit around long is continuing.  I embarked on my Swoon quilt a week ago, and as of this afternoon, I have six finished blocks and four half finished blocks – which essentially means I am almost 3/4 of the way done!  Hoorah! My body is not shouting Hoorah however.  This chain piecing and assembling really does take it out on your body.  Oh and not to mention the hours spent at the iron, pressing HST’s and … Continue Reading »

W.I.P. Wednesday – A New Project to Swoon Over

Many months ago I bought my much loved FQ bundle of Notting Hill.  It has sat ever so patiently on my shelf, just waiting for me to decide what to do with it and how.  It was bought specifically to make a queen size quilt for mine and my husband’s bed.  But I couldn’t find a pattern or design I liked enough to cut in to it.  Until last week, when it occurred to me just how much I love the Swoon quilts … Continue Reading »