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Where I’m At – A Little Old Mental Health Check In

As I sat down this afternoon, to finish off some Ms Midge orders, I felt really bad.  I felt bad because usually I have a reasonably quick turn around on orders.  Most of the time I let customers know that it will be around two weeks from order to delivery, and I can generally get orders sorted within a week – just to surprise everyone!  But lately, things have been very slow, and for that I feel like I need to give a … Continue Reading »


Thirty-one years ago, I changed schools.  I was only one term in to grade one at Merrimac Primary School when we up and moved to a more country-ish town called Coomera.  Back in 1981, Coomera didn’t have much.  There was a milk bar at the caravan park on the corner of the highway, a police station and a small grocery store (well there was probably more, but as a six year old those were the most important!).  My parents built a huge 52 … Continue Reading »

Who The Hell Am I?

The ever-challenging Eden has brought back her “Fresh Horses Brigade” with a rather interesting subject – “Who The Hell Are You?”  I was shattered to see that I had missed the cut off for the link up by a whole 17 minutes – and then started questioning that perhaps it was the universe telling me I either A. Have no idea who I am? B. Would spend WAY too much time trying to figure out how to put myself in words or C. … Continue Reading »

Royalty Reigns

Last night re-affirmed my belief that good karma comes to those who wait!  I am also of the belief that myself and my two gorgeous girlfriends must be good people to collect said karma.  This is how it all unfolded….. My all-time, number one, favourite artist in the whole entire world is Prince.  I can still remember listening to him for the first time.  I was around nine years of age (circa 1984 – don’t do the maths).  My older sister and her … Continue Reading »

Heavy Words make for Lighter Shoulders

A couple of nights ago I let you in on something.  Something that had been bothering me, but not overwhelming me.  What HAS overwhelmed me is the amazing amount of support I have received from that one little post.  Countless messages, posts on my business page and emails.  Mixed in with “real life” friends checking in on me.  It has been very heartening.  So thank YOU.  Thank you for letting me know that I am not alone.  Thank you for letting me know … Continue Reading »

An update on “Gay Panic” loophole!

Back on the 18th of this month I wrote THIS post.  Well, looky what I just had arrive in my inbox from where I found the original petition: “We’re changing the Criminal Code to remove doubts about the so-called “gay panic” defence” — QLD Premier Anna Bligh via Twitter on Wednesday. Huge news! The Queensland Government has committed to closing the “gay panic” defence to murder. Father Paul Kelly saw the defence used first hand after a man was murdered in his Church’s courtyard — … Continue Reading »

Clearing out the Cobwebs

The holiday is over.  The sun has disappeared (well, it had until today).  My tan is fading before I’ve had the chance to show it off to anybody who cares.  The exhaustion is lifting.  And my sewing machines have been dusted off. Last week I used my time wisely.  I began tidying up my sewing space – taking the photo albums, uni textbooks and other crap out of the wall unit and re-organising it to accommodate my rapidly growing collection of fabrics and … Continue Reading »

The Year That Was…

As I’m madly thinking of everything we I need to pack for all six of us to jump on a jet plane tomorrow, I wisely thought I should sit down and reflect on 2011.  So, here are some highlights…… *  I muddled through a very tough situation with the ex-husband.  I managed to come to a peaceful resolution in terms of where my eldest son wanted to spend his time, and how he wanted to spend it, and was very relieved that I was … Continue Reading »

My first Quilt – finished!

Well, it has taken me  a couple of months, but I have (literally) just finished my first “proper” quilt!  I say proper because I have made dodgy ones here and there over the years, but because I am such an impatient human being and do not gravitate towards anything fiddly, I have done rush jobs, and have not been proud of them.  But tonight – I’m overflowing with glee…. One cot-sized quilt for a very special baby girl. I know it’s not perfect … Continue Reading »

100th Post Give-away Winner!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who took part in my little old give-away!  As I said the other day – I know I don’t have a huge “following” here in bloggy land (well, I have a few more now!), but I appreciate everyone who quietly reads along with my and my mundane, everyday life! So……here’s the line-up of possible winners: Apologies for my delightful writing – now you understand why I type! And here is the WINNER: Love That would be: … Continue Reading »