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TBT – An Isosceles Puzzle – Tips For Making An Isosceles Triangle Quilt!

Welcome to my first THROW BACK THURSDAY post!  Once a month, I’m going to throw you back to one of my most popular blog posts, which hopefully you will find terribly exciting!  The reason I’m doing this is not because I have nothing to write about (Nobody has ever accused me of being lost for words), but because since moving from Blogger to WordPress, a lot of my older blog posts have become rather “dodgy” in their set up, and really do need … Continue Reading »

Bohemian Triangle Quilt

I know I said after my first triangle quilt that I wouldn’t be in a hurry to make another, but I really just couldn’t help myself!  You see, I signed up for a Pink, Gold & Pearl Showcase over at Siiari Rose, thinking it could push me a little to use colours I would never normally choose.  And then I wondered what the hell I had done, because I couldn’t find any fabrics that suited the theme.  Until the last #greataussiedestash on IG, … Continue Reading »

Almost Wordless W.I.P. Wednesday & A Winner

247 x 4.5″ blocks all sewn together with I think only a handful of points sacrificed.  I’m one very proud human being right now.   I got it up to a single bed size.  Just need to baste, quilt and bind. I’m linking up with Freshly Pieced – You can too! P.S.  The winner of Cornelia’s “Every Which Way” pattern is –  Thanks to everyone who entered!  I shall email you in a tic Quilting Momma!

An Isosceles Puzzle – Tips for Making a Triangle Quilt

 When I was asked to make my Isosceles on Point quilt, I was very helpfully pointed towards THIS tutorial/pattern.  This was the inspiration Larissa had found – which was very helpful indeed!  It was great to get an idea of what I was in for, however, it was  quite basic, and didn’t really answer all the questions I had in this new triangle world I found myself in.  And it seems that I’m not alone.  A lot of you asked for tips and … Continue Reading »

Isosceles On Point – A Triangle Quilt

I’m incredibly proud to do the big reveal of my triangles quilt! As you well know, this project has taken me longer than usual, and has made me use my brain considerably more than usual. But it’s done! And dusted! And delivered! I’ve called it “Isosceles On Point”, because of the 338 triangles and their beautiful points. Enjoy……. I was somewhat surprised that it ended up relatively “square” when it was finished. Those pesky little half triangles down the side of the quilt … Continue Reading »

Wordless W.I.P. Wednesday – What I Did Tonight.

W.I.P. Wednesday – Triangles Continued….

This baby has been sitting on my shelf, patiently awaiting the arrival of more grey spot, to continue on with the epic-ness that a gazillion triangles sewn together is!  Well, it’s arrived – and yesterday was a very productive one! I’m incredibly proud – and astonished – to say that no points were harmed lost in the construction of this quilt top.  They are all fully fledged pointy triangles! Given that this is to become a king single sized quilt – I’m doing … Continue Reading »

W.I.P. Wednesday – Triangles

Something I am yet to have made is a triangle quilt.  Until now.  I started on it yesterday, cutting out triangles upon triangles, but still a gazillion triangles to cut out! I used a template provided by the tutorial I am roughly following, and really was hoping it would be ok! Last night, I took all of said triangles, and laid them out to get an idea of placement.  Then saved them before Bella the cat mistook them for something for her amusement, … Continue Reading »