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Goodbye 2017…. Part One

Where to begin? If you’re still subscribing to my blog, you may actually have forgotten who I am.  Which wouldn’t be a strange thing, because 2017 was a year in which I forgot who I was.  I had spent the many years preceding it, building a readership, an online business and a name for myself in this funny little (ok, it’s big) quilting world some of us have been lucky enough to belong in.  And then my body fucked me over….  I had … Continue Reading »

#aussieaurifilclub – November’s Neutral Territory

This month’s #aussieaurifilclub is a little delayed!  But it’s a good delay, because our Aussie distributor has been sold and handed over to its new owners – none other than Amitie Textiles!  So Jen and her crew are working hard to get everything running smoothly again, and will be bringing in loads more stock – including the much anticipated 80wt thread!  Watch this space! But for now, let me introduce you to “Neutral Territory”.  This foursome of softness is perfect for all sewing … Continue Reading »

Up The Garden Path Quilt

Quilters often talk about having a quilty bucket list.  For me, there were only a few to tick off my list: Clam Shell quilt, Double Wedding Ring quilt and Drunkards Path Quilt.  I’m pleased to say there is now only two left on that list!  May I present my rainbow version – Up the garden path quilt…. Consisting of over 115 Lizzy House prints (from my last #aussiecharmswap), and a bunch of Sarah Jane and Heather Ross prints, this darling quilt has been … Continue Reading »

June #aussieaurifilclub – Purple Reign

If you follow me on social media, you would know I was heartbroken by the recent passing of Prince.  His songs are like a soundtrack to my youth, and I have been a massive fan of his since I first overheard his music being played by my older sister and her best friend on their tape deck, way back in the 80’s!  For decades, I have had his music on my walkman, discman, and now my iPod, and have walked, run and danced … Continue Reading »

Sunday Stash – I’m Not Dead

Oh hi there!  Remember Me?  I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t! Firstly – apologies for my apparent disappearing act.  It’s a really long and (mostly) boring story, that I will get the gumption to write a post about one day.  But basically, I’ve been super busy. Secondly – Part of that busy period has been spent in Tasmania!  I took my Mum away for a week of day tripping around our Apple Isle, to celebrate her 70th birthday.  I’ve been there twice … Continue Reading »

On A Wild Goose Chase!

A little while back, my lovely friend Keera asked if I would be interested in making one of her new quilt patterns to help her out?  I very happily said YES and pencilled it in to my diary.  In between pencilling and the impending date, I had a panic and thought “there’s no way I’m going to get this done”!!!!  I contemplated pulling out and letting Keera down, but I just couldn’t do it – so I committed to myself that I would … Continue Reading »

Modern HST Sampler QAL

If you pop on over to Blossom Heart Quilts today, you’ll find the block I have designed for the Modern HST Sampler QAL! Formation is a super simple block, aptly named as it reminds of the formation of a flock of birds!  Or Beyonce.  You choose! I cracked open my F8 bundle of Carolyn Friedlander’s Carkai range for this little baby, and then convinced myself I had enough time to fit in another QAL for 2016….. so here are the other blocks in … Continue Reading »

Sunday Stash – Hostess with the Mostess!

When your quilty friend tells you they’re up to pussy’s bow in glitter (Ok, so their schedule is bursting!) and they need you to fill their shoes, you go out and get yourself some All Stars, pour yourself a drink and prepare to be Hostess with the Mostess! Molli is busy this weekend, so you have me to guide you through your Sunday Stash! I’m almost embarrassed to say I have a few little goodies to show you this week.  There’s been a … Continue Reading »

Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sew Along – Month Four!

I’m a little late on finishing my fourth month’s blocks!  So here’s a quick review of my eight blocks…. Joy – I love everything about this block….. The mustard, the floral and the ten pin bowling print! Mrs Brown – This is probably the softest palette amongst my blocks so far, but I adore it! Mrs Morgan – Packs a punch!  Love love love the bright flowers amongst the purple and green (should never be seen??  Who made that rule?!?!?!). Grandmother – Eeeek, … Continue Reading »

A Graduation Quilt

Almost one year ago, on a cool New Year’s Eve up on the Murray, my kids were wrapped up in their own quilts and the school principal just happened to be there!  I was asked if I would be interested in making the graduation quilt for 2015?  I actually didn’t even think about it, just said “sure” and left it at that.  Fast forward a couple of months, and I had discussed the plan with teaching staff and waited until the third term … Continue Reading »