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TBT – Enclosed Zipper Tutorial!

Welcome to another “Throw Back Thursday”! Once a month, I’m going to throw you back to one of my most popular blog posts, which hopefully you will find terribly exciting! The reason I’m doing this is not because I have nothing to write about (Nobody has ever accused me of being lost for words), but because since moving from Blogger to WordPress, a lot of my older blog posts have become rather “dodgy” in their set up, and really do need re-writing and … Continue Reading »

Sunday Stash – Secret Store Unveiled

I took a little trip to Spotlight early last week.  I needed to get some backing fabric for a customer’s quilt order, and I miraculously came out with only that and a metre of shot cotton.  Shocking, I know!  On my drive home, I made a split decision to turn down a road I know leads me to a “little” habby store – because I needed to get a few zippers for cushion backs.  Now, I’ve been going to this store for a … Continue Reading »

My Super Tote!

In keeping with the 2014 theme of “throw lots of balls up in the air and juggle them”, I started yet another project the other day, and finished it at late-o’clock last night!  It’s my Super Tote!  Now, to be honest, I’d worked myself up a bit about the Super Tote.  I had put it in the “this is going to be difficult” basket and was a little bit scared.  But I’m here to tell you – it’s actually relatively easy!  Once you … Continue Reading »

Moonlit 241 Tote

A few weeks back, I asked my IG peeps for bag pattern suggestions.  There was an overwhelming majority happy to recommend both the 241 Tote and Super Tote by Noodlehead.  A few days ago, I finally bit the bullet and bought BOTH patterns!  I then also stopped past Spotlight and got some extra bag making supplies and was ready to rumble! I’m pleased to say I have finished the 241 Tote today!  And I’m a very happy camper….   Even though I was … Continue Reading »

Sweet Pouch Swap Finale!

I returned home yesterday from four days away to a lovely email from my new friend Barbara in Germany.  She received her Sweet Pouch Swap package!  So now, I can show you what was made and sent….   I took quite some time deciding what I would actually make for Barbara.  I realllllllly wanted to use one of my decorative zips, but was struggling to work out how.  In the end, I just pulled a Tim Gunn and “made it work”!  I opened … Continue Reading »

The “For Pleat’s Sake” Bag – Tips & Zippered Pocket Tutorial.

Thank you so much to everyone for your lovely comments on my Secret Santa gift reveal!  It killed me to keep it a secret for so long!  As promised, I’ve put together some tips for sewing it together, sort of like a review I guess!  I’ve also done a little tutorial on how to put a zippered pocket in.  So brace yourself for lots of photos….. First things first – You can find the tutorial for this bag HERE.  It really is quite … Continue Reading »