Coloured Happy – Wavelength Finish

You know when you see a quilt somewhere on social media and you think “I have to make that”?  Well, that happened when I first saw Lee’s Wavelength quilt – her latest Freshly Pieced pattern.  I bought it on the spot and then pondered how I would make it mine?  The answer came a few days later when a new parcel of acquired fabrics arrived on my doorstep!  A divine little fat 1/8th’s bundle of V and Co’s Color Me Happy would do the trick……. And it did!
Wavelength Quilt 
I started with the brightest print in the range – the hottish pink – and went from there.  Stuck with my love for radiating colour, moving outwards from pink to green, and then after much arguing with myself – chose to use the low volume prints in the range and then some white on white prints for the last couple of rows.  I was pretty damn happy with the outcome!
Lee’s pattern is for a throw/lap size quilt, but I wanted to make it larger, so actually did some maths and added a few more rows here and there. So it now sits at a full single size!
Wavelength Quilt
The backing is made up of three shades of pink and one shade of green, along with a big strip of white down the side.  I love this too.  Well, I love everything about this quilt!

Wavelength Quilt 
The pattern gives you the option to either paper piece or template piece.  Strangely enough, I chose to use templates!  I didn’t fancy printing off a million paper piecing patterns!  The templates were very easy to use – I actually printed mine out and then pasted it on to two layers of cereal box cardboard, then cut around the templates when the paste had dried.  Perfect!
Wavelength Quilt 
When it came to quilting, I had a complete anxiety attack!  It was soooo big, and there were soooo many seams and intersections, that just the thought of wrangling it through my Bernina gave me a conniption!  Instead, I sent it off to one of my long time friends, who just happens to have her own longarm business.  Debbie has just started a blog – Quilts from Nana’s Trunk – but has been quilting ever since I met her.  And that was wayyyyy back in circa 1991 just after moving to Melbourne!   Debbie uses pantographs for her quilting designs, so after a quick lesson on how on earth a pantograph works, I chose this gorgeous design.  It’s sort of a cross between a clam shell and a cloud?!!  I wanted a design with curves in it, to sort of play off the sharpness of the hundreds of pointed blocks in the quilt top.  And I’m VERY pleased with how it has turned out!
Wavelength Quilt
And this, my friends, is how beautiful it looks on a bed!
What I like most about this quilt is that you can take a pattern, which looks SO amazing, and change it ONLY by the fabrics used, and it can look SO different!
SIZE – 81″ x 55″
PATTERN – Wavelength by Freshly Pieced
FABRIC – Color Me Happy & Homespun white and solids.  Binding – April Showers
THREAD – Pieced by Me using 50wt Aurifil #2024
Quilted by Debbie using 40wt Aurifil
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